By Paul Burton

LOWELL (CBS) – When the sounds of “Taps” echoed through St. Patrick’s Cemetery in Lowell Saturday, it was closure for the family of a hero who paid the ultimate price.

Second Lt. Martin Murray was laid to rest with full military honors on a windy cold day in April 2011, nearly 70 years after he disappeared.

WBZ-TV’s Paul Burton reports

Lt. Murray, who joined the service in 1942, was the co-pilot of a plane that went down in New Guinea during World War II.

Initially the military thought the plane was lost at sea, but the wreck turned up seven years ago.

Three generations of Murray’s family were in attendance Saturday to honor the fallen hero.

“No one in this group knew him, but we connect with him. It’s become very real for us,” said second cousin Eileen Ryan. “It makes me proud to be an American.”

More than 100 people came to pay their respects to a man they never knew; and to a soldier they’ll never forget.

Comments (15)
  1. Wayne Cayford says:

    Thank You for your service Lieutenant Murray -Rest in peace

  2. lieut dan's aunt says:

    a grateful nation offers it’s final salute to a patriot hero. he was one of many of the “greatest generation” who answered the call. it is never too late to thank those who serve their country. patriots’ day on monday is about far more than a baseball game and a road race. many servicemen and women will be running in the marathon on monday – some wounded, some running with full pack (about 60 pounds of gear). get out and cheer them on. lieut murray and all his comrades in arms and their grieving families deserve our thanks

  3. kasser says:

    Shame on WBZ

    A nation is out, showing this fine son, man and soldier their last respect and what does WBZ do ???

    Conduct a television report over this fallen hero’s casket.

    Disgusting display of complete lack of respect.

  4. John P. says:

    My bother was a B-17 pilot in WW-2 8th AAC. There is no such thing a a B-42 fighter. It was a B-24 Liberator Bomber he flew on his last mission. LT.Murray we all thank you for your service and welcome home,WELCOME HOME.

    1. rmsbl4 says:

      There was such a thing as a B-42 . It was made by Douglas in 1942. There were only 2 made and they had a crew of 3. It was known as a mixmaster due to its counter rotating props on the tail of the acft. Google it.

  5. Ron says:

    I agree with kasser. I was horrified. “Disgusting display of complete lack of respect”

  6. Wayne says:

    I’m on the fence if it was lack of class of trying to honor a fallen hero. The report was done before the service began, so it’s not like the ceremony was going on while he was reporting. Yes I know there was honor guard there, but they are their whether people are or not.

    1. kasser says:

      I agree that no harm probably came from it, but come on.
      Do the segment with the entrance in the background, under a tree something.
      Don’t shoot across this hero’s casket.

      It is disrespectful and shows that the report itself was more important to WBZ than actually staying in the moment of showing this fine soldier his well deserved respect

  7. BudW says:

    It would be nice if the basic facts were correct, there is no such aircraft as a B-42 fighter, B=bomber maybe it is B-24 bomber.

    1. wntsmallgov says:

      I would say it is a typo. The fact that no on proof reads or even does a fact check is sad.

  8. Bud Stilwell says:

    Here is the link to the funeral home with all the correct information that the news media messed up on,

  9. jack says:

    How disrespectful!!!!!!!! And what is a B-42 fighter?? No wonder I never listen to the uneducated media!!

    1. Brian says:

      My first thought was: “What is a B-42?” It was an experimental aircraft…2 were made…fact check? Pathetic reporting…sad, really sad…

  10. henry porter says:

    Well, the mainstream media does it again. A story written with obvious errors. B-42 Fighter? Goodness! You need reporters with at least a general background of facts.

  11. SweetCheeks Peg says:

    Why does it matter what kind of plane it was .. do we have nothing to do but argue that point .. What matters is that this American is back on American soil and that the family now has closure.

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