LAWRENCE (CBS) – A Salem mother convicted of attempted murder for withholding her son’s cancer medications was sentenced to 8-to-10 years in prison Friday.

Kristen LaBrie begged for mercy before the sentence was handed down in Lawrence Superior Court.

WBZ-TV’s Kate Merrill reports

“I am remorseful for my actions. I wish I could have done things differently,” she said, while sobbbing.

“I certainly miss my son every day. I’m really sorry for all of this.”

She faced a maximum of 37-and-a-half years in prison – 20 years for attempted murder, 10 years for assault and battery on a disabled person, 5 years for assault and battery on a child causing substantial injury and 2 1/2 years on reckless endangerment of a child.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Mark Katic reports

Lawrence Superior Court Judge Richard Welch III said the case “stirs our sympathies” but that “our society is judged by how we protect the most vulnerable members of our society.”

“She had the specific intent to kill her young son,” Welch said, “by not following up on her son’s at-home medications.”

He called LaBrie’s actions “secretive and calculated” and “acts that chill one’s soul.”

LaBrie stopped filling her autistic son Jeremy Fraser’s cancer medication prescriptions and he died in 2009.   He was just 9 years old.

WBZ-TV’s Sera Congi reports

LaBrie claimed she was overwhelmed by the situation and thought the chemotherapy drugs were making her son’s condition worse.

She was also sentenced to five years of probation on the lesser charges after she is released from prison.  She must also complete an anger management program.

When asked by a reporter outside court if she thought the sentence was fair, LaBrie said, “I do not.  No.”

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  1. SFC says:

    So if she gets the full 37.5 years her son would have been 36.5 years old when she gets out. Not long enough they should lock her under the jail. Overwhelmed its called being a parent you child would have been alive and healthy all u had to do was walk down to one of many CVS’s, Rite Aid’s or Walgreen’s, NO EXCUSE!!!

    1. George MacEachern says:

      Until you have walked in the shoes of a parent of a child with cancer, you should keep your comments to yourself because you clearly have NEVER experienced the feelings and emotions of someone that has had to endure this.

      1. gtw says:

        That’s all well and fine, and I am sure it must be difficult for the parent but IT’S NOT ABOUT HER! It’s about doing what’s best for the child. If she had concerns about the meds making Jeremy sick, she had the option of returning to his doctor to make sure that even though he was getting sick, that it was temporary and the meds far outweighed the choice that SHE (and she alone) made.

      2. dp says:

        doesnt give anyone the right to allow there child to die regardless of whether or not you have gone through this yourself. As a parent it is your dutie to protect your child. Put your child first and your feelings and emotions second, maybe if she did that her child would still be alive and given the chnace to live. Makes me sick to my stomach to hear people providing any support to someone who does this.

      3. Mark says:

        George, you’re a POS for saying that. I’m currently going through the same mess and pray to God others don’t have to but would NEVER deprive my son medicine to keep him alive. I find it very disturbing when people use the ‘You don’t know me” defense. I hope you don’t have children.

      4. jerry says:

        YOUR A SORRY PETHETIC HUMAN BEING GEORGE MACEACHERN I HOPE IN PREY YOU DO NOT HAVE A CHILD BECAUSE IF YOU DO YOUR ARE A SORRY EXCUSE FOR A FATHER !!!!!!!!!! You protect a child anyway you can and be there for them and make sure you do everything in your POWER to PROTECT them at all cost . This poor kid will NEVER EVER know what it will be like to grow up because a SELFISH PERSON WAS BASICALY TIRED OF CARING FOR THIS CHILD . She should rot in jail for a long time like for LIFE because think that poor child wont ever get to live his life because his OWN PATHETIC MOTHER KILLED HIM YOU FREAKIN IDIOT .

      5. Marcy says:

        I agree George. I need to know the type of cancer he has and the cure rates.

    2. Francine Gladding says:

      When my daugher was 5 years old she was diagnosed with Leukemia. My husband and I fell apart when the Doctor told us. We pulled ourselves toghether and DID what we had to do. She was our child and it was our job to keep her safe. She fought for five years, she screamed and cried when she had to have a needle, bone marrow aspiration, lumbar punctures and blood transfusions. We gave her comfort and I screamed and cried privately, she never saw me. She only remembers me and my Father being there and going through everything with her. My husband had to go back to work and I reached out to my family for help. Where was her family? Don’t tell me she was tired I still had a newborn at home that I had to take care of getting up in the middle of the night for feedings and to take care of her when she got sick from the chemo.
      She is now a healthy 32 year old woman and every time I look at her I want to cry thinking back that I almost lost her.
      I hope to God that this woman does not have any pets, but then if she had neglected a pet she would be in jail for a long time.

      1. barbara says:

        Unfortunately not every child who has cncer survives. Many after enduring grueling treatments for years… die. In many instances the treatment inself kills the child. Having said that… it’s unforunate she didn’t have ANYONE to turn to.

      2. dp says:

        Good for you for standing by your child and giving her the chance to live, more people need to have the strength to do what you did. For the people who chose the cowardly route, I agree with you Put them away for life.

      3. gtw says:

        Barbara – Jeremy’s doctors gave him an 85%-90% chance of survival with the meds. If you ask me, those are great odds for incentive to continue with them.

      4. MadMax says:

        Been there, done that Francine. My son was 2 when diagnosed with leukemia. He is now 8 and underwent 3.5 years of the most intense chemo ever given under a gov. clinical trial to try to improve not only his chances for survival but also to raise the percentage rate for cure, for future patients. As you know, you lean on friends, family and even strangers who have compassion for what you are going through.Hospitals also provide you with resources and there are plenty out there whether it be for support, financial, or a placeto stay. She chose to ignor all these and I whole-heartedly believevshe saw this as her way out!

      5. Mark says:

        Praise God! What a warm reply to a sad story. May your daughter live a long life. Thanks for sharing Francine!

      6. Amy says:

        Francine, your child is NORMAL. Hers was NOT. It was bad enough that you had a normal child on chemo, but it must have been 10 times worse for a parent of an autistic kid. They can’t communicate. They don’t comprehend a mother “being there.” Also, you and your husband had each other. This mom had nobody. She got no support from her ex; he basically abandoned her. You are right that her family should have helped her more.

        How is it going to help society to lock a single mother up with drug dealers, thieves and hardened criminals? She had never been in trouble before. Why are so many so quick to judge a person without spending ONE SINGLE DAY in her shoes? Where is the COMPASSION and TOLERANCE?

    3. Kim says:

      You obviously live in a world all your own. It is not a matter of waliking down to a pharmacy to fill a prescription. I took care of my son for over 15 years, born with special needs, died from Hodgkins Lymphoma. I can’t begin to count the years he spent in the hospital, near death experiences, only wanting to be normal like the other kids. To go to school, go to friend’s homes, learn to drive, etc. I finally stood up to the doctors and said that was enough. The few days he had left spent it at home with us and his pets. During many of his hspitalizations, other children would die around him from these cancers. The statistics are false hopes. My co-worker also died after following her treatments for nonhogkins lymphoma. I can’t even begin to imagine what it would be like to take care of child that cannot respond verbally to all the suffering from chemo drugs. No One has the right to judge anyone!!! Life is not black and white like you must see it. Lets send all the insurance companies, law makers, and doctors to prison that withheld treatment from someone, and they died. Parents have the right to decide when enough treatment is enough, especially when the condition is not responding to treatment and the child is slowly dying before their eyes due to these medical treatments. There is no cure for lymphoma!!! My son went thru 2 stem cell transplants and numerous cancer drugs. I slowly watched him died before my eyes. Quality of life should be the choice!!!

      1. Amy says:

        Kim, you may be the only person on this website who is truly qualified to make a judgment (even I’m not qualified). Because not only did you have a child with cancer, that child also had the burden of a severe disability.

        Maybe this woman in Massachusetts didn’t know how to stand up to the doctors the way you did. Was it a mistake for her to cover it up? Yes, but it won’t do any good to lock her up with a bunch of thieves and drug addicts.

        I wonder how many rapists and hardcore felons went free because the prosecution was spending so much time and taxpayer dollars on this circus! Where on earth did she find that defense attorney? The articles don’t say whether he was court-appointed or not.

        My heart goes out to you, dear lady, for what you went through with your boy. You’re probably the one commenter who TRULY UNDERSTANDS how rough it was for Kristen LaBrie. I wish more people had your compassion. God Bless!

  2. Nicole says:

    Not sure I follow your math, SFC. If the boy was 9 when he died and she was sentenced to 37.5 years, he would be 46.5 when she got out….

    Anyway, I suppose that’s neither here nor there. It’s just a very sad, unfortunate story for all involved.

  3. EllBee says:

    If her son was 9 in 2009 it would make him 48 or 49 when she got out not 36.5

    1. emom says:

      Yeah math is not my strong thing , BUT this boyu if he had lived whould have been 48 1/2 or 49 , you forgot he passed almost 2 years ago at 9 years old.

  4. Shirl says:

    Unless you have been there and can see how your child suffers you would never understand. I don’t think she should have gotten that long but I also don’t think she should go unpunished. Hopefully she will have her family to visit her and help her through this hell she ain in prison.

    1. gtw says:

      Once again, IT’S NOT ABOUT HER, it’s about Jeremy! Of course it must be difficult for the parent, but the parent is the one who nurtures the child,; the parent has to be strong for the child; the parent is the one who makes the best choices for the child, and obviously this parent did not. It appears that she did whatever worked best for herself.

      I’m sure her family will be supporting her now that she will be in prison, but it doesn’t seem that they supported her too much while Jeremy was sick, for if they had, Ms. LaBrie wouldn’t have been as overwhelmed as she states. Eight – ten years is a drop in the bucket in comparison to the sentence she gave her son….. she had her own personal trial and she was the judge, she was the jury, and she handed down the sentence! Ms. LaBrie does not even deserve pity but she does deserve a sentence…. longer than what she received.

      1. Mark says:

        This post says it all. Couldn’t be said any better. Right on: This is about a little boy who was not given the chance the doctors were giving him….

    2. JERRY says:

      So you say put that poor kid to death because he was sick ??????? SHIRL your pathetic for ever feeling sorry for a murder i HOPE YOU DO NOT HAVE A CHILD EITHER!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Francine Gladding says:

    8 to 10 years..NOT LONG ENOUGH

  6. SFC says:


    1. gtw says:

      Everyone seems to be forgetting that this was two years ago, therefore Jeremy would have been 48.5 years old..

      1. AG says:

        Who cares how old he would have been. He’s gone, he was 9 when he died.

  7. SFC says:

    You have no idea who I am and what I have been through. Try caring for a sick child and not knowing everything that is going on because u are in a foreign country defending YOUR rights and freedoms. Until you do that I will judge her anyway I feel fit. She is a terrible person for letting her special little boy suffer and die. Her sentence of 8 to 10 years is a F*#$ing JOKE!

    1. FINH says:

      No, YOU are a JOKE. You;re right we don’t have any idea who you are and what you’ve gone through and YOU HAVE NO IDEA what this mother went through….. So stfu!

      1. SFC says:

        She gave up on her child and went to jail with a frigging smile on her face. Watch the video. The only time she showed any type of remorse was at sentencing. Maybe if she showed some of that fight when her son was alive we may not be having this conversation. No wonder her first child was taking away, you need license to fish but any dope can be a parent.

      2. DrStrangelove says:

        Oh aren’t you mature and intelligent. Your only defense for this mother is “You have no idea” and “STFU.” Seriously? Yes, sweetcheeks, we DO hve an idea – It’s called an 85-90% chance of survival OR dispose of your autistic son. She chose door #2. Sounds like you would, too. Hope you haven’t got any children or pets.

    2. FINH says:

      I knew the family personally, you have NO idea what you are talking about. You are a true joke, real tough on your computer with your judgements.

      1. SFC says:

        I do know what I am talking about and a Veteran of this great country and a parent I am tough mentally and physically. Look deep into your soul and if it was your child would you stop the meds? The meds that could save his life? And FYI before I became a soldier of this great nation I was and still am a behavioral therapist for children just like Jeremy.

  8. Francine G says:

    The Doctors gave my daughter only a 75% chance of survival. Should we have just said no why let her suffer, just let her die sooner.

  9. MAD says:

    As a parent, I don’t care about this. People are nuts and I’ve given up. I would die for my children, without hesitation. I am mom, therefore in their (my kids) eyes, I am god. I brought them into this world and I will do EVERYTHING in my power to make them happy, safe, comfortable, loved, appreciated. Any person who harms a child is a total disgust to the human race. Overwhelming? Yeah, it’s called life. Go drink a beer in the backyard, re-compose yourself, and be the parent you are suppose to be. I too get overwhelmed. 5 minutes of mommy time in the backyard is ok, and totally works wonders when you reach “that point”. It sickens me how lazy and pathetic people are with their stupid excuses….. I don’t get it……

    1. gtw says:

      MAD, very well put. I agree with you 100%! When my kids were young there was nothing that would prevent me from doing what it took to keep them safe and healthy. They are now 38 and 42 and there is still nothing that would prevent me from helping them if they so needed my help. I loved being a parent more than anything and I still love being a parent, even though my children do not need me as they once did.

    2. FINH says:

      Really? Go drink a beer in the backyard and compose yourself. Is your child severly handicapped and dying of cancer on top of that? Did your husband abandon you? Do you go the battle alone? You must be super-Mom, you disgust me..

      1. Wendy says:

        She had numerous instances unstable behavior stretching from 2000 to their 2002 separation, the 2005 divorce, until the time of Eric’s death, many of which can be verified by court, police, and DSS agency records. His elderly parents even had to go so far as to file a restraining order against her boyfriend. Why she was even given custody is a good question, since her older son was removed from her care by DSS in 2000.

        She “FORCED” him out of his child’s life, he supported his child. Maybe you should check up on those “facts” before you comment further.

      2. SFC says:

        Sometimes you do need that few minutes to go and compose ur self. You don’t necessarily need to drink during those few moments its just sometimes as a parent we need to step back for a breather. Maybe you should go take one now.

  10. emom says:

    Anyone can get help when they ask, You can turn to almost anyone for support, You can seek others for care, It does not always have to be a burden of ONE, anyone that has had to deal with any kind of medical problem, dissablility, and a dissabled person(s) , will be told this by many , I know I Have had to deal with alot in the last 12 years , and I have seeked help when needed , asked those hard questions, and researched more to know what to do. Do tell us its hard, not easy, its a burden, I am alone, thats a cop out, I have a dissabled husband and child, dont tell us that it cant be done, dont tell us no one was willing to help, dont tell us it cant be done , and please unless you are a proffesional DOCTOR a SPECIALIST that you were doing what you thought was best ,,,, There is always more to the that , A phone call to a doctor would have been the VERY BEST you can do, and If you alone are OVERWELMED , well there is plenty of places and folks willing to help you with that, A doctor, a SUPPORT GROUP< ( I know I seeked them out and they were very informative and extremely helpful), Family , friends, a THERAPISt, your CHURCH… Dont say nobody understands, because anyone that has had to deal with any kind of medical tradegey, illness, hearthache, on multiple levels DOES UNDERSTAND, But for the life of me, and many others , To not try and do what I have suggested above , is pure insanity. If I did not do anything it meant I GAVE UP AND TRUELY DIDNT GIVE A DARN…………….. SORRY I VALUE MY CHILD, HUSBAND , MY SELF, FAMILY , FRIENDS AND MORE IMPORTANT THAN THESE,………………. LIFE……………… WHY DID YOU.

  11. KMD says:

    I have walked in those shoes, twice, with my daughter. Giving a child chemo is horrible. But when it’s chemo or death, the choice seems pretty darn clear cut to me.

  12. lrodptl says:

    Raise your hand if you’re a single mother and bankrupt and has had a child who is severely handicapped mentally and has fought cancer. Noone else qualifies to speak,certainly noone here who already has.

    1. FINH says:

      Agreed, easy to judge, nobody knows the whole story.

      1. SFC says:

        So tell us the whole story the real story. Convince me that my feelings about this woman are wrong. Tell me that by not giving her child the life saving Meds was the right choice. Please I want to know what “really” happened.

    2. petem says:

      Irodptl, very well put! Many seem to offer little but ‘pull yourself up and do it’ advice when they clearly haven’t a clue what it’s like when you have a child who has co-morbid diagnoses and the confluence of issues and effects and concerns and appointments and etc, etc… a parent has to deal with. Add to that the father out of the picture, the lack of $, and the overwhelming weight of it all. If some of you think you could handle it, great, but not everyone is the same and the effects of YEARS of care for a medically and mentally compromised child and all that entails can take someone down…I think that happened here. 8-10 years plus probation plus the loss of her son, plus the devastation all that creates is more than enough punishment IMHO.

    3. lsne says:

      wow that’s interesting I didn’t know all that background about her. She clearly was unstable, is is just sad that a grandparent, aunt, etc…couldn’t have stepped in and helped if she couldn’t handle it. We have a neighbor who has custody of their grandson because the mother is too unstable. they recognized it and fought to get him. Too bad this little boy didn’t have someone else really looking out for him.
      sad sad story.

    4. sarah says:

      I agree completely!!!

    5. Mark says:

      I don’t buy this “You don’t know me” and “You haven’t walked a mile in my shoes” defense. It’s the “easy” way out. Nobody ever said parenthood would be easy. The poor 9 year old didn’t stand a chance. It’s about HIM; not her! She had the choice, he didn’t!

    6. Frank says:

      You dont need all the facts. There is only one fact that matters: With medication the child has a 85 to 90% chance to LIVE, without medication there is a 100 percent chance of DEATH. People don’t need to know or care about anything else that happened in this woman’s life. This woman gave up on her son and let him die because she didnt want to deal with it anymore and she deserves to be in jail for the rest of her life.

    7. Mary Ann says:

      As a matter of fact I do. I WAS a single mother of a babygirl with a cancerous brain tumor. SHAMEFUL & CRIMINAL what she did!!!! Was I “overwhelmed”? God yes, so where was this sister when she needed help then??? Sorry, ur child is ur life, she’s a monster & deserves everything she gets…AND MORE!

  13. Wendy says:

    For those who who have apparently not followed this story:

    Jeremy was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in 2006 and was given a cure rate of 85-90% under a two-year, five-phase treatment plan that included some hospital stays, regular visits to the hospital clinic to receive chemotherapy treatments and at-home administration of several cancer medications.

    In 2008, Kristen LaBrie took him to the hospital for “flu-like” symptoms, that’s when Jeremy was diagnosed with Leukemia, which was untreatable with chemotherapy, with only a 10% survival rate. It was then realized that all along, she had not been giving him chemotherapy medications, changed her son’s appointments a dozen times, failed to pick up medications at the drug store, lying to social workers and doctors about his treatment and, as a result, his cancer returned quicker and stronger. When doctors confronted her about her failure to fill prescriptions, she lied and said it was a billing error.

    Kristen LaBrie also acted vindictively against Jeremy’s father, Eric, distancing him from his son. Tensions grew so high he withdrew from directly caring for his son, fearing that continued contact with Kristen LaBrie would end with him facing criminal charges. She had numerous instances unstable behavior stretching from 2000 to their 2002 separation, the 2005 divorce, until the time of Eric’s death, many of which can be verified by court, police, and DSS agency records. His elderly parents even had to go so far as to file a restraining order against her boyfriend. Why she was even given custody is a good question, since her older son was removed from her care by DSS in 2000.

    After her initial arrest she wanted Jeremy placed in medical foster home, rather than his own dad.

    It is inconceivable that a parent can do this to a child and only get 8-10 years. No, I don’t know the family or how it is to have a child with cancer. The way I see it is that as a parent, you ENDURE, you get help, you don’t lie, browbeat, harass, and threaten to get YOUR WAY.

    1. FINH says:

      I can read as well, but you didn’t know this on a personal level, your judgement is useless.

      1. SFC says:

        Are u related to the family?

      2. sarah says:

        FINH, I agree with you completely. How dare these people make judgement on someone they don’t know. It disgusts me!

    2. SFC says:


      Thanks for the further info I did not know she had any other children. And I agree 100%. We as parents need to fight to the death for our children’s safety and well being.

      1. FINH says:

        Yes, she has another son, they have a very loving relationship.

      2. FINH says:

        Yes, I know them personally.

    3. FINH says:

      Wendy, you are wrong, he was not forced out of his sons life. He didn’t even acknowledge he had a son for some time after he left. Again, you have NO idea what you are talking about.

      1. Mary Ann says:

        DOES NOT MATTER!!! Geez! I wonder something…where were you all, her “friends & family” when she was so called “overwhelmed”? Where were you guys when she supposedly needed you guys the most??? Where were you guys when he got progressively worse?? Did you not see it? NOW, after he dies you come out to defend her??? WOW, but as long as you can look yourselves in the eye & slepp ay night, guess its ok, huh? You all are just as bad as her!

    4. DrStrangelove says:

      This is the best post on this blog.

      To FINH, tell your relative we’re glad she got jail time.

    5. Amy says:

      Wendy, the news media could have distorted the facts. When I first saw this tragic story on TV, I had just learned that a woman at my church died from chemo. NOT from the cancer, from the CHEMO.

      You admit not knowing the family. Yet without meeting the mom, you automatically assume that she was a good mom. I don’t know what happened with her older son, but she was much younger then. Maybe she’s a bad mom and maybe she isn’t. I don’t live in Massachusetts. Some news reports say she only missed Phase 5, after the cancer recurred. Perhaps Jeremy was one of the unlucky 10-15% who can’t be cured.

      The father died in a motorcycle accident a few months after Jeremy died. I never met him, so I don’t know if he was a good dad or not.

      All I know is that a woman just died of chemotherapy. I can’t imagine being even a parent of a normal child on chemo, let alone an autistic child.

  14. MadMax says:

    Thank you Wendy, I have been tired for a while with everyone bashing the father in this! I know everything you described about the parent’s relationship is not your own personal judgement because I have seen ALL of the news stations report on it. Could he have done more for his son throughout this ordeal, most definitely, but I guess we should cut him the same break everyone else is for the mother, in the end, he did get custody!

    1. SFC says:

      From the video he looked like he was a loving father who was just pushed away by his Ex. Its too bad the authorities did not get involved until it was too late. But we can all rest assure that where ever Jeremy is, his dad is taking care of him.

      1. sarah says:

        Honestly, Are you that bored that you are spending so much negitive energy on this topic? Your negitive,judgemental, rude comments are very disturbing to me.

      2. FINH says:

        From the video “he looked like he wasd a loving father”??????????????? You can’t be serious that you are making that call based on a friggin video, like I said, you have no idea what you are talking about…..thank you for your service, but the fact that you are a veteran holds no weight or relevance for your false judgements on this case.

      3. SFC says:

        Just tell us the “real story I want to know the “truth” as to what happened. I am sorry that I feel what she did was wrong on many levels but again I ask the question would u do the same if it was ur child? Sarah I am not bored just upset by this entire thing.

  15. Sarah says:

    What is inconceivable to me is all the people that are judging this woman. Who are any of us to judge anyone? The lack of respect for people and their decisions makes me sick. Did anyone of you know her directly? Does anyone judge religious people when they choose death over a blood transfusion???

  16. wz says:

    @ Sarah
    “The lack of respect for people and their decisions makes me sick”.

    He had an 85-90% chance to be cured. It was her decision not to give the medication. Yes, we don’t know if what she did caused him to pass, but he could have had more time.

    1. sarah says:

      WZ, Where are you getting your information? TV? How do we know anything? Did you speak with his doctors yourself? These are the questions we need to ask ourselves before we offer such dramatic decisions.

      1. wz says:

        Did you actually read my post, If it was the percentage, check with what the doctor stated for the record

  17. P says:

    Bless Krsten. May she be safe in prison. An eye for an eye is not the answer. She now has plenty of time to contemplate her past and figure out how to live with herself in the future. No need to continue the negatives, just live life with what it gives us.

  18. Mary Ann says:

    As a mother of a child who lost her battle to cancer @ 3 1/2…this punishment is not nearly enough for this MONSTER! When you become a parent your sole job or responsibility in life is to TAKE CARE OF THEM!!!! This child’s cancer had an extremely high cure rate, yet she chose to deprive him that care that would’ve given him a chance at life!?! SHAME ON YOU!!!! And also SHAME on your sister…To stand by this monster & say she was “overwhelmed”? Poor baby!!! I was a single mom, taking care of a sick child too with cancer, was I overwhelmed, HELL YES!!! But you know what?? She’s was my daughter, there was absolutely NO HESITATION on what to do, none whatsoever!!! May you rot in Hell you despicable monster & you will be judged MUCH HARSHER someday! I pray for that on a daily basis!!!!

    1. sarah says:

      Mary ann, shame on you. I feel very sad for you. Having all this hate is very unhealthy, especially when this matter is none of your own.

      1. Mary Ann says:

        Sarah, I have no hate, only for this woman & do not hide it. Have you ever had a child diagnosed with cancer Sarah? Have you? If so, did you do everything within yoyr power to save them? Give them life? If you haven’t been a parent of a child diagnosed with cancer then I suggest you have no right to say anything on this subject. Do I hate this woman for killing her son, or ok, as you PC folks would say, neglecting to give the proper medical care to SAVE HER SONS LIFE? Do I hate for that? YESSSS! And if you think its ok? Shame on you too.

      2. sarah says:

        Mary Ann, I watched I my father die of chemo!!! Yes chemo, Not the cancer it’s self. Karma will be kicking you in the ***

  19. MadMax says:

    FOR ALL YOU “WALK A MILE IN KRISTEN’S SHOES” HERE IS ONE MOTHER WHO HAS, BY NO CHOICE OF HER OWN!!!! I am so sorry for your loss Mary Ann and unlike our son’s outcome with his battle with leukemia, you were at the other end of the spectrum. May you have some sort of peace in your life!

  20. Sue says:

    For at least 150 days she put him to bed each night knowing that she did not give him his medication. Simple straight forward fact. She chose not to give him his shield as he fought his battle.

      1. sarah says:

        Mary Ann, why do we ignore the religious groups that kill their children because they don’t believe in blood transfusions?? This is excepted and never discussed. I know this for a fact. This is not my opinion.

  21. Mary Ann says:

    @ MadMax…I have walked a mile in her shoes, more so in fact!!! But I do have peace…you know why?? Because I can go to sleep at night KNOWING I DID EVERYTHING I COULD FOR MY CHILD!!!! I mean nooo disrespect…but she did NOT . And as I said before, there is no excuse…NONE! There is help out there if she wanted/needed it & she chose to watch her son die…not only die but die a horribly suffering death! May God have mercy on her soul. She will most definitely need it, sorry if you don’t agree but I ask you MadMax…have you ever had a child with cancer?? If so, would you NOT give the treatment that would save his life??? My daughter was given 50/50…was not a question in my mind. DO IT! SHAME on her. Where were all you guys when she was supposedly “overwhelmed”? Too lil too late my friend.

  22. MadMax says:

    Mary Ann, I think you need to reread my post. I am agreeing with you and I had a son who survived cancer. My point was all these people who post “walk a mile in her shoes before you judge her” and I am saying that here is a person who has,YOU! I had to decide whether to give my son a standard treatment (would it be enough?) or opt into a gov. Clinical trial that consisted of giving him combinations of the most intense chemo EVER GIVEN TO ANYONE! we did the latter, not only to better his chances but maybe to create a new protocol to better future cancer patients survival. Of course, we are all ready seeing ramifications from giving him the higher dose. Memory loss, head aches, stomach aches, and pray everyday his organs are not damaged or gets another form of cancer. Add to it a identical twin brother who is at risk too. So yes, just like you, I put my kid to hell and back, and he is alive today because of it. That is why, like you, I cannot excuse what this mother did to her child…..

  23. Mary Ann says:

    @ MadMax, my apologies. This matter has gotten to be so bad, that I misread & for that I am sorry. I feel your pain & do not envy the twin factor, would be in my mind also too. God Bless you & your family & here’s to hoping you all live a happy HEALTHY long life. :) And here’s to finding a cure for childhood cancer! RIP Samantha Nicole <3

  24. Mary Ann says:

    To Sarah..”.Mary Ann, I watched I my father die of chemo!!! Yes chemo, Not the cancer it’s self. Karma will be kicking you in the *** WOW, really??? Although I am sorry for your loss of your dad, where does karma come into play here? I pray you’re not speaking of my daughter, we were offered help fpr her & guess what??? WE TOOK IT! And I got 2 years of joy with my daughter. How dare you. I send my thoughts for your father but unless you’ve had a child diagnosed & at the brink of death??? Go back to Facebook :P

    1. sarah says:

      Mary Ann, Sorry for the confusion, I was definately not talking about your daughter. I was speaking of all the judgments. I respect everyones opinion but all the hatered and harsh words are so unnecessary.

  25. db says:

    you people don’t know the real story. let the judgment be up to god. why don’y you worry about all these terrorist they are letting into this country. And that are supported by our government. GROW UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. MadMax says:

    MARY ANN-NO APOLOGY NECESSARRY! Obviously having gone through the battle of having a child with cancer has made you, as much as it has me, passionate as well as heated on this topic.As the judge said,”she had the specific intent to kill her young son” and that her actions were “secretive and calculated” “acts that chill one’s souls”. I am sure as a judge, and I am not saying they are perfect, that he has seen his fair share, and can see through someone’s BS story. Your daughter has her wings now and I am sure she is comforting every other child who has lost their battle to this hideous disease.

  27. Mary Ann says:

    @MadMax, I am very sorry, you are right, I am very passionate bout this issue. My thoughts are with you :)
    @ Sarah, my condolences to you for your dad, honestly. But question, was your dad being treated? Did he see doctors that prolonged his life? Were you thankful for that? My only problem with this monster, and yes, that is what she is to me…would you even THINK even for a second to NOT give him his meds??? Thats my biggest gripe. She was given the CHOICE to save her son…& she chose not to, thats the bottom line. She deserves everything she gets and then some, just wish I was one of the judges. As being a mom of a child who died of cancer, yes, I can say that

  28. el says:

    All I can say is wow. I mean, I wasn’t sure how to feel about this whole situation and I am still somewhere in the middle because it didn’t happen to me. At this point my heart goes out to everyone involved especially to the little boy who is now hopefully and most likely in a better place than his life here on earth. My heart also goes out to everyone on this message board especially those filled with hate and anger. I wish you all the peace to move on from the terrible things that have happened in your lives-your deceased loved ones would want you to. They certaintly wouldn’t want you harboring and breeding hate. And I appreciate military for keeping us safe but please do not use it as bragging rights-it was your decision to serve.

  29. PTWILLIE says:

    Answer me one question, would they be sure that chemo would cure hiim ? And to have a high minded Judge lecture me on care of my child does’nt do nothing for me ! He’s a judge because of politics not on his medical expertise! Walk a mile in someones shoes first you honor ( sic )

    1. Wendy says:

      He had a 85-90% chance of being cured, I believe that because of that chance is why the charge was attempted murder instead of murder. Medical experts were brought to the stand to show he had a chance, unfortunately Jeremy’s family and friends will never really know for sure.
      I really feel bad for the family, it has got to be really hard to stand by your his mom when her choice had such dire consequences.

  30. Kim says:

    Since so many of you are playing the part of perfect decision makers, why don’t you volunteer as respite caregivers to families with chronic or terminally ill children. Yes it is easier to tell others what they should have done or should due. Volunteering and showing support is a whole different ball game!! Don’t always take the courts/newpapers at face value. Learned from expeirence newpapers/news stations sensationalize to keep viewers. Courts do not always represent true facts, as per the number of innocent people that have been imprisoned and released after the true complete facts are shown thru years of battling to get them out.

  31. emom says:

    For those that feel they need to play GOD, To feel they have no options , to turn away and never ASK, To pass a mirror but never look, to believe they were lost with grief, I think many on this blog have felt as if they felt this way, BUt deep down KNEW right from wrong, they did ask for help, seeked and Prayed to god instead of acting as is they were god…They did more than just think, I wish those that had no voice could speak , for then thats how we would know how they actually felt,, sorry this child did not have that optiion, so how could anyone take that away …… I know I could never have done that ,, for that matter I NEVER DID,, I am so glad I listend to my heart and god.

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