April 16, 2011

Immigration continues to be one of the hottest topics of debate in the country. The latest news from ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency) is that they’re implementing the “Secure Communities” program. On this edition of “Centro”, WBZ’sYadires Nova-Salcedotalks about this with Juan Vega, President and CEO of “Centro Latino” a non-profit organization that advocates for Latino immigrant rights. Tune in!

Watch video:

For more information on Centro Latino and the “Secure Communities” program, you can call 617-884-3238 or visit their website using the link provided. www.centrolatino.org

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  1. Jack A. Rioy says:

    Good morning. I saw this segment this morning and felt it left more questions than it gave answers. You need to have a larger forum and time frame for your discussion. Your guest misrepresented the issue by not stating that fingerprints are being flagged ONLY WHEN SOMEONE IS ARRESTED, REGARDLESS OF RACE. . There is so much confusion surrounding this issue that it begs a true discussion of the facts. Please do not allow your segments credability to be diluted with inaccurate information.

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