WORCESTER, Mass. (AP) — A Massachusetts college is addressing drunken rowdiness by students off campus by encouraging them to drink on campus.

The College of the Holy Cross in Worcester has extended the hours of its on-campus pub and started allowing students under 21 inside.

Tension between the Jesuit school and the surrounding neighborhood has been simmering for years, leading to an agreement last year to address problems.

Edward Augustus Jr., the college’s director of government and community relations, told the licensing commission Thursday that pub hours were extended until 2 a.m. last weekend. Students below the legal drinking were given different colored wristbands to ensure they are not served alcohol.

The Telegram & Gazette reports that Augustus called the experiment a success.

The college and city will continue to monitor the situation.


Information from: Telegram & Gazette

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  1. emom says:

    Ok colored bands or not, you mean to say, non of the drinking aged kids will not give some of there dirnks or get a second drink and give to them,,… REALLY NOW,, monitoring them may not stop them from wanting to drink, next why encourage them in the first place, to party late in a PUB where alchohol is served, oh cant wait to see how this would play out… should be really intersting,, Honestly I dont agree with it,,, BUT as I know some would say ,,,, let them live their lives,,,,, lets just pray that no accidents result from stupidity…..

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