BILLERICA (CBS) – Billerica Police are on the hunt for burglars who’ve broken into a number of homes, sometimes with people still inside.

Police say they’re prying open doors and windows and cleaning out some of the victims. Some houses have had everything taken from jewelry to televisions that were mounted on the wall.

WBZ-TV’s Kathy Curran reports

“Earlier this week a woman came home in the middle of the day and saw a strange truck in her driveway, said Billerica Police Sgt. Roy Frost. “When she hopped out of the car a man ran out her back door. He said he was a plumber who was at the wrong house.”

Inside, most of the woman’s belongings were packed in sacks and ready to be hauled out the door.

Peter Dodge was the man claiming to be a plumber. He’s now under arrest.

But police say there are other thieves still out there.

Billerica police say the number of house breaks has risen 50-percent from last year.

If you come to find a stranger in your house, police say don’t confront them.
Just call 911.


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