By Jim Armstrong, WBZ-TV

MAYNARD (CBS) – When it comes to having a famous person share your name, Maynard’s Kate Middleton has done pretty well for herself.

Though the 32-year-old has been able to claim that name for three years longer than the soon-to-be Mrs. William Windsor, the Massachusetts Middleton isn’t quite as popular as her British counterpart.

WBZ-TV’s Jim Armstrong reports 

“One day I woke up and I had a hundred new followers on Twitter and I said, ‘Oh my gosh, what is going on?'” explained the manager of ATA Cycle in Concord.

It turns out, the Prince of Wales had gotten engaged, and “trending worldwide on Twitter was ‘Kate Middleton'”!

This Kate is originally from Louisville, KY. She said her mom specifically named her Kate, rather than Kathleen or Katherine, so she wouldn’t have any nicknames.

Little did she know her daughter would eventually share names with the future queen of England.

Now, every time Middleton watches the news or scans the grocery-store checkout headlines she sees her name.

The coincidence has been a bit of a pain.

“Facebook deactivated my account for using a fake name,” the Bay State Kate said.

But all in all, she’s taking the confusion in stride, realizing she’s got the better end of the deal.

“I feel bad for someone like her who is going to have people following her everywhere she goes for the rest of her life,” Middleton explained.

“I know for me it’s going to end, so it’s ok.”


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