IPSWICH (CBS) – Ipswich High School officials and police are trying to find out who sent out a weekend e-mail targeting some female students.

The e-mail went out Sunday through the Facebook page set up for next month’s junior prom and singled out specific girls.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Mark Katic reports.

“Somebody had sent an e-mail through their Facebook page, at least that’s the way I understand it, indicated that, for those who might be looking for prom dates, here’s a list of students that might be available,” said Principal Barrett Cahill.

Cahill said the e-mail listed 22 girls, made suggestive comments, and detailed their dating experience.

The principal said he’s confident school officials will find out who sent out the e-mail.

“So this stands out as something that’s pretty unusual for us, and also, we’re going to react strongly to it to make certain that they understand that this is not OK,” said Cahill.

Cahill said he’s not certain if Ipswich police will take action.

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  1. emom says:

    If this is true and a student or a few students seem to be targeting others, then they need to punish them and make an example of them.. It amazes me that kids Find it necessary to be so cruel to others no matter the reasons. I have to wonder where some of these kids would have learned to do this,,, Sure other kids , but I have to wonder if they learn it from someone in their families, like parents, aunts, uncles, or even older siblings… Its so sad to see this kind of stuff and no one ever thinks of the out come from all the harrasments. Much like when some comment on blogs and get attacked for, no reason. I do hope these people are caught and taught a lesson

  2. Ray says:

    Nothing has changed over the years. I’m 65 years old and I still remember how vicious kids can be. There is and always will be the “big man on campus”, the quarterback of the football team and the girls will fight to be the most popular, dress the best etc. How sad things have not changed and I’m sure will never change.!

    1. RD Atchison says:

      You are right! I am 56 and it was that way when I was in school too. Nothing changes. To think this is something “new” is just blind ignorance. Too bad that kids nowadays can’t just bloody some ones nose for thier bullying as they did in my day. Kids today either kill themselves or someone else. What is happening to our world?

  3. SarahM says:

    It is truly sad that bullying has gone this far. Part of it I think is that some of these kids are just too sensitive. It seems that these days every child is labeled with depression or some sort of disorder, and they can’t cope with every day life…how did they get to this point? 20, 30 or even 40 years ago children did not have these labels, and we turned out just fine. Social networks and emails make it way too easy for these kids to target others, and send their mean messages to a huge population. Unfortunately there always has and always will be bullies, they are just more resourceful and much meaner in today’s society.

  4. dee says:

    These kids will grow up to be adult bulies great life ahead for them!!!!!!! We all know at least one adult who this applies to.

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