BOSTON (CBS) – Charlie Sheen stopped by the 98.5 Sports Hub studios early Wednesday morning for a lengthy interview with hosts Fred Toucher and Rich Shertenlieb.

Shertenlieb went to Sheen’s show at Agganis Arena Tuesday night and was able to get a front row seat.

He then invited Sheen to come on their top-rated morning show.

Sheen obliged and came by the studio in Brighton at 12:30 a.m. for an hour and-a-half interview.

“The crowd was an 11.  The show was like an 8.5, 9 at some points,” Sheen said about his Agganis performance.

WBZ-TV’s David Robichaud talks to Toucher & Rich

Perhaps the most surprising aspect of the interview was when Sheen said he is not receiving syndication payments for his hit show Two and a Half Men.

“I probably shouldn’t talk about that. I’m supposed to (be getting syndication payments) but that is, what’s the term, ‘being withheld,’” Sheen said.

“So you are not being paid for it?” Toucher asked.

“Not completely,” Sheen replied. “At all actually.”

“How do they justify that?” Shertenlieb asked.

“They can’t, that’s why I’m suing them,” Sheen said. “It is unfair.”

Sheen also said his return to the show was about “85-percent” but could not elaborate.

Sheen Talks About Syndication Pay

“He talked about being on the set of ‘Apocalypse Now’ and going back there ten years later after his dad had a heart attack duiring the filming of that of movie and going to shoot ‘Platoon.’ He tried to call Jon Cryer, he tried to call his brother,” Toucher said.

Sheen also said there is a script for Major League 3, and many of the original actors from the first movies are slated to reprise their roles.

Listen to a 2-minute segment:

Comments (103)
  1. flappy says:

    Hi Ashely— you suck. Get over yourself, and see this for it what it is: incredibly entertaining radio.

  2. RC says:

    Hi Ashley, your husband doesn’t care what you think of the radio he listens too. If you really want to control him, you should be hitting the gym right now and not slurping on your iced coffee and commenting on message boards

    1. Ed says:

      Right on, RC!
      What the hell miss Ashley, you REALLY need to get over yourself. The incredbiel ARROGANCE of some of these chicks is unreal.

  3. Jess says:

    Is there any way I can listen to it online?

  4. Adam says:

    holy sh!t…. i would hate to be you husband Ashley. I hope that he will find his balls one day.

  5. Brett says:

    wow. Ashley chill out you are insane. Get a life

  6. Brett says:

    You are a loser

    1. Ashley says:

      great comment

  7. David says:

    Ashley you need to get a grip on life stuff happens in life and people make mistakes. You need to check yourself before you critisize others and make sure you don’t have skeletons in your closet. Let he who is perfect cast the first stone. So check yourself before you wreck yourself.

  8. David McCormack says:

    If your husband don’t listen to the Toucher and Rich show because you tell him not too then that makes you more of a man than he is.

  9. Ashley says:

    its just my opinion people you.. keep getting mad

    1. David McCormack says:

      Yeah and that opinions isn’t worth anything. And do you really think you are going to stop your husband and other people from listening to Toucher and Rich? Do you really have that much control over your husband and other people. Whatever happend to freedon of speech?

    2. Tony says:

      Ashley, get a grib. Jesus.

    3. Susan M says:

      Ashely people get angry when they feel threatened. They hurl insults when they can not form a constructive thought….

  10. A says:

    “I refuse to give my money to anyone who will not work.”
    Honey you already do, every time you get paid, it’s called taxes.

    You sound like a controlling, whiny wench, I feel bad for the guy.

    1. Susan M says:

      We should ALL have a TORNADO OF TRUTH tour to fight TAXES. LOL!!

    2. Ashley says:

      i will fight taxes with you! :)

      just not with charlie sheen.

  11. Ashley says:

    Press is my job… and we do nothing but make fun of this guy… keep loving a loser see where it gets you in life..toodles

    1. Mike Gammell says:

      It’s not that we love the guy. No one does. We just like what he says. It’s like with the Jersey Shore. No one loves the people on that show. They watch it to see a train wreck.

  12. Susan M says:

    Charlie Sheen is a wonderfully talented actor. But he has turned into a freak show. It is hard to imagine that people are PAYING to go to this new show of his. Has any one of his “defenders” (you guys criticizing Ashley) actually gone to his new show? Interesting news but I wouldn’t waste my money.

    The guy had a contract and was getting 3 million per show (or was is 3.5 million?). Most people don’t see that much money in their entire lives and he got it for each show. Boo hoo. I feel SO bad for him. Yeah, right!

  13. Mike Niedorowski says:

    troll!!! TROOOLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!

    1. Susan M says:

      Not a “troll”. Just a response to A’s comment.
      This is exactly what I meant about hurling insults.

  14. macmum says:

    Somewhere behind the madness, Charlie is a very talented actor ~ but maybe not a stand up comic. No matter, he has lately been pretty much a “train wreck”. I hope he gets his stuff together, cause I’ve always enjoyed his work up until now.

    1. Susan M says:

      Ah, the voice of reason in an insane world!

  15. Steven says:

    Ok… Ashley and Susan, let’s get one more fact straight… first off, I am not a Charlie Sheen fan, nor am I a fan of Two and a half Men, however, he never stopped showing up for work. He was showing up for work and earning his ridiculous salary. They are the ones who locked him out of the studio and then fired him.

    Secondly, as to your comments about Toucher & Rich, being in the press Ashley, you of all people should know that when you get the chance for the “big get” on your show, you TAKE IT!!! It doesn’t matter if you agree with that person’s morals or values, you have a job to do and when you get the chance to get the biggest newsmaker of the last 3-4 months on your show, you do it.

    Kudos to Toucher and Rich for, not only getting the interview in the first place, but for being insightful and for nailing the interview! They did not let Charlie skate… they asked him tough, deep, insightful questions and got him to dig deep into his psyche and his past.

    It was awesome! Great job Fred and Rich!

  16. Susan M says:

    Hmmm Steven, Let ME get one more fact straight. I did not say Sheen did not show up for work. I just said I don’t feel bad for him. I heard him complaining about his salary and that is nuts!

  17. Dan says:

    you are completely correct. I was at the show and it was not as I had hoped for, BUT the radio interview more than made up for it! It was an amazing interview, Sheen was completely himself and honest with everything that had happened in his life. I would recommend him to make his next show just like the radio show and tell all. It was highly entertaining and he was relaxed and funny and open about himself. Cheers to 98.5 for getting him!

    1. DEE says:


      1. Mike Gammell says:

        Dee, I’d take you seriously, but since you used all-caps, I can’t.

  18. ET says:

    Actually, Charlie Sheen never had any trouble showing up to work, and, IMO, performed beautifully. Enjoy your divorce.

  19. DEE says:





  20. Ashley says:

    well i guess we have two VERY different opinions on this…why dont we let charlie sheen’s career longevity speak for itself.. i give him one more year tops..

    1. Ashley is a Cuckold says:


      The man has already sustained around a 30 year career while doing massive amounts of cocaine/god knows what else and bedding many many promiscuous women.

      You’re only giving him one more year tops? Based on what?

      1. Ashley says:

        lol come on now!! REALLY?!

  21. Susan M says:

    To set the record straight…I did not hear the interview, but I think Toucher and Rich were BRILLIANT to land that interview. It is a win/win. People want to hear Sheen rant and no one had to pay for a ticket. Sheen got more publicity and Toucher and Rich got ratings and MORE free publicity for themselves from the news. BRILLIANT.

  22. haterain says:

    Folks it is called entertainment. I love Two and a half men, I like Charlie Sheen the actor. I am not a fan of Charlie Sheen the person, but Toucher and Rich can not pass up that interview. Even people that don’t like Charlie Sheen the person (me); listened to the interview. I hope he goes back to Two and a Half Men because it is a great show with him on it. Time to seperate entertainment from real life. Also, it doesn’t make a bit of difference what he gets paid. A person is worth what someone is willing to pay them.

  23. JT says:

    Sound like Ashley & Susan’s husbands should spend a little time with Ol’ Charlie Boy!!! I’m sure he’d be saying “what the hell are you two doing with these control freaks”!!! LOSING!!!!

    1. Susan M says:

      @JT – Just curious why you call me a control freak. Who am I trying to control? Why are people threatened by a well stated opinion? On the other hand, many of these other comments are simply insults. It is like if they don’t agree, they attack, which is exactly what you did.

  24. Cody says:

    who cares if his career is only 1 more year, this is fantastic radio and tv, i dont know about the rest of you, but im thoroughly enjoying watching his career and sanity go right down the tube, its very entertaining!!

  25. Brodie from Montana says:

    Isn’t your husband his own man? Please, give him his f**ing balls back and let him listen to whatever he wants, ballbreaker!

  26. Susan M says:

    I wish the guy would just get his life in order. He has kids who need him. How sad that we get our entertainment from watching a human being self-destruct.

    I would like to see him in a good movie.

  27. DEE. says:


  28. Tim says:

    Ashley, relax. I feel for your husband. If you control what he listens to, oh man. Congrats to Toucher and Rich, they’re the best thing going in Boston sports. Well, except for the Bruins, but they’ll most likely be on top until the second round, then T& R will be on top again.

    1. Ashley says:

      okay its a figure of speech.. i am obv not going to be able to stop him from listening .. he works outside and listens to the radio alllll day long.. but i can when i’m around!! NO WAYYYYYYY will i listen to them …

      1. Dan says:

        OK, that’s a little better. You had us very afraid for him for a bit there.
        Chosing not to listen to them because they thought interviewing Sheen would be a good decision for the sake of radio……not sure I follow you there.

  29. Ashley says:

    this discussion is going no where.. sorry to burst your bubbles kids, but mommy has to get back to work and keep WINNING!!!! ;)

    still hate charlie sheen..even after all the abuse lol!

    cant wait for tomorrows headline.. see you all there!! :)

  30. JT says:

    Ashley, 1 more year??? I wish I had that 1 more year!!! His little tour alone is going to bring in between 6 and 7 million… And, he’ll probably be back on 2 and a half men, for more money than he was originally making. Charlie knows what he is doing, and CBS knows that he will make them ALOT of money. Ashley, you should be worrying about how you have portrayed your poor husband in this forum… To ALL of us men, it sounds like this guy has had his nuts cut off by you!!! Does he get to use the remote??

  31. Mike Gammell says:

    Talk about an overreaction. And by the way, your husband sounds whipped.

  32. tim says:

    Why Toucher and Rich bad? They had the chance to interview Sheen, one of the biggest names in the news right now. You don’t pass that up! Have fun listening to D & C they are the losers!!

  33. Mary Phillips says:

    I like Chalie Sheen
    you get what you see
    he does not put on airs
    I would not want to be married to him
    because he is a bad boy guy
    but he is the real thing
    and he is a great actor
    Chalie say it like it is
    and I love two and a half men
    you are the hold show
    take care a fan

    1. Dan says:

      Was that some sort of Haiku?

      1. Ashley says:

        okay that made me laugh

  34. JD says:

    CONGRATULATIONS TOUCHER & RICH!!. What transpired last night was REAL RADIO the way RADIO used to be. Their approach to Charlie was brilliant. The interview was the most competent, well-prepared, insightful and entertaining interview I’ve seen or heard, with or about Charlie, since this whole thing began. It was a fabulous surprise to be able to listen in as I drove back home to NH last night. When I arrived back at home at 1:30, I then spent the next half-hour sitting alone, in my garage, laughing hysterically at T&R’s brilliant handling of this mercurial and complex guy. (Was amused to learn that the friend with whom I’d seen the show, was also sitting in his garage, afraid to leave the radio for fear he’d miss something.) The show at Agannis was really nothing special. Charlie’s time on 98.5 was BROADCASTING GREATNESS!!! Thanks Guys! – JD

  35. Carellus says:

    Wow battleaxe, going to tell your husband what to listen to, eh?

  36. Kelly says:

    I am not sure where the information came from that Charlie Sheen bombed but I was there and people loved it! It was an amazing show! I want expecting some craziness and instead left very impressed. I laughed for an hour straight and the people around me were also laughing. I am so surprised at the reports from your station about the show, he did not bomb he rocked! I am now a huge fan!

    1. pandora says:

      I believe these tv reviews are trying to get no one to go to his remaining shows and blackball him…I too was at the show last nite and thought it was awesome I heard NO booing directed AT him and saw nobody leave..I plan to get tickets and attend the foxwood show also . Charlie IS WINNING for sure!!!! Dont believe the haters.

  37. Tim s says:

    This was TERRIBLE! Please stop playing this inane garbage from this “interview”. It’s painful, there’s nothing interesting about this guy any more…nothing new here we haven’t heard in the past three weeks.
    It might work on a “morning Zoo” program, but I thought this was sports radio? Really, I know you guys were excited to get him, but it’s not that compelling to listen to.

  38. Steve says: does what Sheen or Woods do in their personal life affect you at all?? Go live your own life

  39. mark says:

    yeah you’re not #winning

  40. JD says:

    You’re an angry woman, Ashley. Have you thought of tuning into The View? It’s obviously where you belong. “I will now make sure that my husband does not listen to it any more….” Babe, if your Hubby allows you to push him around like that, he probably ought visit The View himself.

    1. Ashley says:

      its funny you mention the view … denise richards was on it stating that she has to teach her children about their father’s addictions through picture books… isnt that nice

  41. mr. ashley says:

    I’m ashley’s husband. someone shoooooot meeeeee

    1. JD says:

      Sorry, Bro. I’m afraid that even death won’t get you out of this one.

      1. Ashley says:

        lol!! you guys are crazy! and you hav NOOO idea

    2. Ashley says:

      lol i should come on this comment site more often!!

  42. JasonH says:

    I agree, he is old news.. but for people like Ashley to sit here and comment from 9:30 to 11am and act like they aren’t interested (or at least interested in bad mouthing him) I think that’s pretty damn hilarious.

    If he means nothing to you, then “boycott” him like you said you would, don’t spend your day arguing like a moron on message boards. Seems a bit hypocritical doesn’t it?


    1. Ashley says:

      i find it AMAZING!!! that i have received such feedback from ONE beginning comment OF COURSE!!! i’m gonna come back and keep checking!!! the entire conversation is pretty much about ME and my husband (who is now going to kill me BTW ) not even the article…soooooo silly …

  43. JT says:

    Question from Ashley’s Husband: Ashley, honey, all the guys are going out tonite, and apparently their wives are letting them take their balls out with them. Can I have mine back, I miss them…

  44. John Doe says:

    You will make sure your husband does things? You control him?

  45. Frank says:

    That could have been the worst couple of hours of radio I’ve heard in a long time.
    Damn. Nearly as unfunny as the Male Bag.

  46. Dan says:

    Don’t be a tool. Toucher and Rich have been making fun of Charlie Sheen’s nonsense from the beginning. They just knew that they couldn’t sit there and insult him to his face or the interview would end, so they sat back and chatted and waited for the sound bytes to come. No doubt T&R think Charlie is just as nuts as he was before, but it s all about making entertaining radio.

    We finally have interesting monring sports radio here in Boston, and you want it gone?

    Man am I glad I’m not married to you. You’re probably a semi-frigid holier than thou preachy type who has nothing going on in her life so has to control her husbands. Do you not see how silly you sound for even IMPLYING that you would prevent your husband from listening to a radio show? SERIOULY? wow.

    Do yourself and the world a favor and avoid radio and television, as well as the internet, until you discover the concept of thinking for yourself and allowing others to do the same.

    Get in your minivan and get your kids to soccer practice and stop worrying about what other people do with their lives.

    1. Ashley says:

      i love the “you’re probably”… i’m pretty sure you’d be suprised to learn who i am

      1. Dan says:

        Ashley Daley, of course.

      2. Dan says:

        OK, so I was wrong about the semi-friggid holier than thou soccer mom thing…..sorry.

        Still, you had me worried about your husbands sense of self for a minute there.

        Any chick who can swing an Avid is cool with me, except for your refusal the get the Sheen thing. Watching celebrities implode is healthy and fun, and the best part is (and this part you seem to get) you can’t feel bad for them because they’re doing it to themselves.

    2. Ashley says:

      :) you are smart

  47. Ryan says:

    Ashley must be an EEI fan. Go back and listen to D&C.

  48. Ashley says:

    no actually i’m a 106.3 listener lol!! we can talk about that if you would like?

  49. Dan says:

    Ashley, this is all SO over your head. The whole world is laughing AT Charlie Sheen, only pretending to laugh with him so that he’ll continue the train wreck.

    That you can’t see that and continue in your failure to see the ruse is what is truly sad and is the cause for the responses here.

    Join us. It’s fun over here.

  50. Rich K. says:

    Will there be a full podcast of this? Only hours 1 & 4 of today’s T&R show are up on the site and they replayed the Sheen interview at the start of hour 2

  51. Frank Davis says:

    Did anyone, besides me, listen to the entire T&R show from start to finish? The thing about Sheen before the interview that got to them was the catchphrase rants he did toward the end of any interviews. Those drove me up the wall also. But Rich had the balls to ask Sheen during the show in front of everyone if he would come by the station and do an interview. He said yes and they did it right after his show. T&R are the morning drive guys and Toucher came back to the station to be a part of this while Rich set the whole thing up. Sheen showed up & there were questions asked that I would have asked him if I had the chance. He came off as a nice guy and did 90 minutes!!! Think about that. He did his show, came over to the station and started interview at 12:30am live!!! Then stuck around for pictures & a bumper for T&R. He liked the guys so much that he gave them his number AND his brother’s so they can help get them back together!!!
    I say great job T&R!!! This shows why your station is becoming #1 in all time slots for sports talk & entertainment.

  52. Mark says:

    I can’t find any link to hours 2-3 or this day’s show or the entire interview itself. I also couldn’t find any sign of hour 4 from the 4/12 show. What gives?

  53. Josh says:


  54. Kim says:

    Could you please post the entire interview online to listen to? I missed most of it because I had to be in a meeting.

  55. Ziggy says:

    Please post the full interview online!

  56. Dean says:

    gotta love it when other people are trying to take stuff from the small guys with little credit.

  57. rhpooley says:

    Everyone keeps asking for it — where can the full interview be found/downloaded?

    1. imapterodactyl says:

      Thanks so very much for this link! I’ve been looking for this ever since hearing about the interview at 6:30a yesterday. I was at the Connecticut show, which was probably the most well received of the entire tour so far, and the man was on fire. It was disorganized for sure, but he can certainly think on his feet and keep things moving with no script for a solid 80 minutes, which is pretty surprising considering he had absolutely no live performance experience until this tour began (and with next to no time to plan an actual SHOW even). Props to Charlie for having the balls to continue the tour, and for agreeing to this interview.

  58. Lee says:

    Does anyone know where I can listen to the whole interview? It doesn’t look like it was posted to the Podcast.


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