SWAMPSCOTT (CBS) – A Swampscott man may have saved a toddler’s life when he plucked the young boy from a roof on Monday.

Todd Flannery heard crying while he was out walking with his own child. He realized it was coming from 15 feet off the ground, on a flat roof, from a little boy who may have kicked out a screen.

WBZ-TV’s Bill Shields reports.

“So I put my son down, and ran over…climbed up onto the roof, and grabbed the baby,” said Flannery. “And when I got down, the fire department was there…and I gave the baby back to his mom.”

Three-year-old Hayden Potter had managed to open the second floor window in his bedroom, and climbed out onto a roof.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Carl Stevens reports

Flannery climbed up the porch, grabbed the boy, and brought him down. He says he knocked on the door of the house and no one answered.

The fire department showed up a few minutes later and they were able to locate the child’s mother, who was inside the home.

“Michelle (his mother) said she was busy making food for her other two kids, and Hayden asked to go upstairs and get his blanket. The next thing she knew, I was there with her son,” said Flannery.

She will not be charged with any crime.

WBZ-TV’s Bill Shields contributed to this report.

Comments (12)
  1. lori says:

    There is SO much more to this story then WBZ is saying. WHERE was the childs mother? Whatr happened to the child AND mother after she was found? Come on, if you are going to tell a story like this then tell the whole story.

  2. emom says:

    wait , WHAT<< child on a flat roof, no one home, please tell me she was home but drunk, wait , how old was this child, there is absolutly no excuse to leave a child alone, I wonder if it was a for of punishment, she put that child on the roof and left it there. I mean really they FOUND HER.. WHERE WHERE DID THYE FIND HER., AT A BOYFRIENDS, BAR, BACK ALLY DRUGGED OUT,,, TAKE AWAY HER PARENT CARD NO EXCUSE. TO LEAVE A CHILD.

    1. Carol J Sheehan says:

      Please don’t assume the worse the mother could have been passed out due to a gas leak in the home or something.

    2. Miley says:

      So Emom you can say that with your extensive experience raising three children that never once they got away from you for a second. Your saying you are so perfect that you could watch three children and always know what each of them was doing every second? You take what is supposed to be a story about someone doing a good deed and helping someone in trouble and turn it into an irresponsible and lame attempt at bringing down another human being. Nowhere in this story does it mention drugs or alcohol, boyfriends or a bar. Have you ever heard the saying if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all. For all you know this mother is an upstanding woman who just happened to lose sight of her child for a few seconds, and you as a mother should know that is all it takes sometimes, yet you come on here spew this filth trying to bring her down. Take away her parent card? Someone should take away your computer so you cant continue to troll the wbz website leaving absurd comments on every story

  3. Penny Peloquin says:

    Did you guys fail to read the whol story? The mom was busy taking care of her other children. If anyone has ever tried to watch more than one young child at a time, they realize it is alomost impossible to see them all every moment. Cut the mom a breeak, she had the hardest job ever, being a mom. Also, screens often pop out. We discovered that when our cat jumped into a window and the screen landed below.

  4. emom says:

    If th mother was down stairs tending to the other kids , FIne , but at first report they had to locate the mother, I am a mother But never let my child along where something could happen. I know a few mothers that have more than 3 children and have never had an issue when a child ended up on a roof ,, I have always made sure the windows where secure, to prevent any possible problem….. An ounce of prevention should have been used. I know screens can pop out, and because knowing that I would never allowed a window to be open so a child can push on the screen. Give me a break, I take parenthood with responsibility…and make sure my child was safe at all time…..

    1. Sick of the rightheous says:

      I hope you are not helping your children with homework. Between your spelling, grammar and punctuation, you should be in special ed. (as well your better righteous attitude that accidents happen to OTHER people and never you.)

  5. Do the right thing. says:

    You are all a bunch of finger pointing nut cases. Her curious (and obvious mischievous) child went upstairs, popped out a screen and took a walk (without permission) on the roof. The mom didn’t know the child was on the roof, I’m sure she would’ve either gone out there or called the Fire Dept. herself. And, the fact that she didn’t answer the door is no biggie… I never answer my door unless I’m expecting someone. At this time of year it’s either protesters, religious freaks, politician petitions or other whack jobs knocking at your front door. So, for anyone who has had a curious child do something stupid, get a grip and get over it. Jeez…..He wasn’t hurt, she wasn’t at fault… look in the mirror before you point fingers. How many stupid things have your children done without permission (or without you ever finding out…)

    1. shotime says:

      The child was out crying out on the roof, and enough time went by for the fire dept to show up.

  6. shotime says:

    It’s Springtime, so take a moment when opening your windows to check that your sreens are secure… especially if you have young children!!!

  7. Melissa says:

    Wow, what a bunch of judgemental people on here. As well as some illiterate weirdos. I never comment on these things, but that happened to be my nephew and I know the kind of mischief he is always getting in. A. Hayden is a boy, so before you comment- actually read the article. Or watch the video. Two choices there smarties, pick one. B. She was making food for the kids while Hayden went upstairs to get his blanket. Not an unusual occurance. C. She went to look for Hayden while Todd was knocking so she wouldn’t have heard him in the kitchen. My sister does her damndest 24 hours a day, NEVER gets a babysitter or a break and she gives those kids the world. One icident and people love to judge her as a parent. Yes, it was a terrible incident, but things happen. Especially with a two year old that gets into everything and anything. I’m so amazed that there are so many perfect people out there that have never made a mistake! Kudos to you!

  8. emom says:

    WOW some have issues, so I cant spell is it a crime, oh but not taking an ounce of prevention to protect your children from potential harm is OK>> wow.. And for the record I have made sure I protect my child from serious harm, WHATS WRONG WITH THAT.. At least I dont dwell on my short comings like some… get over it. The point is this child ventured out onto a roof, reguardless if it was an accident or curiosity it happened ,, Did you see how that screen was placed back into the window sorry , its not in correctly and thus it could happen again.. so take precautions when you have a child of any age does not matter the reasons.,

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