By Paul Burton

NATICK (CBS) – Many districts are cutting teaching jobs and scaling back after-school programs.

But there is one local school spending big money on technology.

WBZ-TV’s Paul  Burton reports

Natick is spending more than $2 million to provide all of their eighth-graders and high school students with a MacBook.

School Superintendent Peter Sanchioni believes the initiative is intended to give Natick students an edge and is money well spent.

“This absolutely is the step for the future. Most colleges require their students to have a laptop computer when they enter. We feel we are giving them the competitive advantage,” says Sanchioni.

The money for the laptops comes from the regular school budget along with the budget to build Natick’s new high school.

Comments (4)
  1. Mikey says:

    What a krock! Without getting into the PC vs Apple wars, what genius picked a ‘single source’ product to lock students into?

    1. eric c says:

      I agree, there are much better non-mac laptops that cost almost 30% less that would do the job just as well. Honestly if I was a taxpayer in Natick with or without children in the schools I would be upset about this wasteful spending of tax dollars.

  2. My2Cents says:

    The district has piloted these “less expensive” solutions like netbook’s and found them to not perform well enough to meet the needs of the curriculum. i.e digital content creation, power and usability of the size. Like the old saying goes, “you get what you pay for”. Times are changing fast and so are the platforms we use. In order to stay on top of technology you must be utilizing the latest technology. I say spend less on books that we throw away after a year do to the static content contained within them, and focus more on technology in which we can use in so many more ways.

  3. response says:

    While I understand the importance of giving the students an edge for technology, I wished the money didn’t come from me. I saved for a year to purchase my kids laptops. These kids get them using the funds received from the state for the new high school.
    The state is funding 1/2 this project…meaning…the state just purchased 1/2 a mac book for these kids.
    The state cuts back on school funding for most schools, except the “chosen few”. We are laying off teachers, police and fire, cutting social services, ….all so these kids can have a macbook?

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