BOSTON (CBS) – Bruins defenseman Zdeno Chara told the media on Tuesday that he had reached out and spoken to the Canadiens Max Pacioretty.

“Yes I did (speak with him). We talked,” Chara said, but would not elaborate further.

In the March 8th meeting with the Canadiens in Montreal, Chara checked the Canadiens forward into the particion separating the two benches, resulting in a serious injury for Pacioretty. He suffered a severe concussion and fractured vertebrae, and has not played since the hit. Pacioretty is not expected to play when the two teams meet in the first round of the playoffs.

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There has been an ongoing criminal investigation into the hit, but general manager Peter Chiarelli does not expect any legal action against Chara. The Bruins defenseman does not think all the anger from Montreal fans will be a distraction when the Bruins head to Montreal for games three and four of the series.

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“It’s been like that for years, it’s not going to be any different,” Chara said. “Basically we all have to focus on the game and play our game.”

“I just play hockey,” he said. “That’s all I focus on, playing hockey.”

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  1. phonymahoney says:

    Let me guess: Z spoke while Pacioretty cried.

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