Keller @ Large: Losers – Fix The Problems

BOSTON (CBS) – When we left you on Friday, Democrats and Republicans in Washington were stumbling toward a ludicrous, totally avoidable government shutdown.

But lo and behold, an eleventh hour deal was cut, and victory was declared!

Listen to Jon’s commentary:

As USA Today put it: “Nowhere else could a process that ended more than half a year after it was supposed to, and resulted in minuscule cuts as compared to an anticipated $1.5 trillion deficit, end up with the participants congratulating themselves for beating an arbitrary deadline by 65 minutes after spending the day beating up on one another in public.”

Much of the coverage over the weekend was devoted to picking winners and losers, but you’ll have to forgive me, I only see losers.

Republicans are declaring victory because they got more cuts than the Democrats wanted to give, but as USA Today notes, the cuts they did get are a drop in the bucket of what’s needed, and they made fools of themselves by focusing on red herrings like Planned Parenthood funding and subsidies for public broadcasting.

The same Democrats who displayed appalling incompetence by failing to pass a budget last year when they had control of both branches of Congress, and who offer zero answers to the brewing fiscal crisis, had the nerve to try to cast themselves as defenders of the weak, as if the weak aren’t the ones most at risk from the impact of spiraling debt and waste of tax dollars.

Let me offer some blunt talk to our alleged leaders in Washington:

Boys and girls, you just don’t get it.

We do not want anymore baby talk or partisan posturing.

We want you to fix the obvious problems that are crippling us without playing ideological games, even if special interest groups like the public-employee unions or the anti-abortion crowd squeal about it.

The election is 19 months away, stop thinking about it and think about the common good for a change.

If you’re even capable of it.

Which, after last week’s pathetic performance, is seriously in doubt.

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