CONCORD (CBS) – Even though the government shutdown has been averted, it’s still having an impact here locally. Saturday’s Revolutionary War reenactment in the town of Concord will remain canceled.

They were scheduled to kick off a series of Patriots Day events by recreating a battle at Minuteman Historical Park.

Rather than risk it, town officials canceled the event because they weren’t sure whether Congress would reach a deal in time to keep park rangers and other government workers on the clock for the event.

Comments (2)
  1. royp says:

    The “NOT” heard ’round the world!

  2. Jan says:

    Since it was farmers who were called out in a hurry back then, why cant it be done just as quickly now? The redcoat uniforms are there and available, and why do they need park rangers and other government workers to be there? Besides, the event was historically on the 18th-19th of April, so why cant it be got together in a week from now? “Twas the 18th of April in ’75….”

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