GORHAM, N.H. (AP) – Police in Gorham, N.H., say a 22-year-old man accidentally shot himself in the chest with his own gun while he was at a house party.
Officers were called to the party about 2:15 a.m. Saturday and found the wounded man.
Police said he was taken to a hospital. His condition and the name of the hospital weren’t released.
Investigators say  alcohol was a factor.

No charges were filed by Saturday morning.
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Comments (3)
  1. Cinque says:

    Golly gee, so alcohol was a factor, huh? I bet this great intellect also watches old tv shows such as the Dukes of Hazzard & the Beverly Hillbillys. Judging by the many shootings and other bizarre acts up there ,I find it difficult to believe that it’s the #2 most peaceful state in the U.S. Boring, maybe but not peaceful.

    1. Nicole says:

      You are truly an idiot.

  2. emom says:

    Yup another drunking stupper, will they ever learn from their bone headed stupidity… NOPE ,,, alchohol drives folks to do stupid things. wait peaceful state, layed back, if this ispeacefull and layed back , I will take caotic any day. I honestly dont get people lately ,,,,,,,,,is there something in the water cause its happening more and more lately.

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