BRAINTREE (CBS) – A couple suspected in a nationwide crime spree is behind bars.

Braintree police arrested North Carolina residents, 36-year-old George Demetro and 42-year-old Dina Miller this week after they allegedly attempted to rob a local couple.

WBZ-TV’s Jim Smith reports

The two were allegedly trying to scam their way into an elderly couple’s home by luring the woman out of the house, telling her they were there to check the electrical wiring.

Braintree Deputy Chief Russell Jenkins said it’s a common ruse. “While the door’s still unlocked… they can have an accomplice go in the house while the first person can distract,” said But, the 75-year old woman’s husband was upstairs in a wheelchair when Demetro allegedly ran in,” said Jenkins.

The husband yelled and police say that’s when the two suspects took off.

The couple called police and the Demetro and Miller were arrested a short time later.

Police say Braintree may have been only one of many stops.

“There was over 60-thousand dollars in cash. There were bags of jewelry… coin collections, Rolex watches…” said Jenkins. “I would have to say this is how they make their living.”

Police also say they found pawn shop receipts from Nevada and other states.

Investigators say Demetro’s two young sons were also in the truck at the time.


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