Witness: I Thought Peabody Bank Robber Was Joking

BOSTON (CBS) – A man caught in the middle of a bank robbery says he doesn’t know what he was thinking when he told the robber “no.”

Robert Wood was inside the Eastern Bank in Peabody when a bank robber stuck a gun in his face and demanded money.

WBZ-TV’s Beth Germano reports

At first, the 61-year-old didn’t take the threat seriously, thinking it was a practical joke. 

“When he shoved me I realized something was going on, then when I saw the gun…” says Wood. “He says ‘I’ll shoot you.'”

But that still wasn’t enough to make him back down.

“He threw his bag at me and said put your money in the bag and I threw the bag back at him.”

The robber turned his attention to the tellers, and Bob jokes that it was probably for good reason.

“I got a good look at him. I think if he had his glasses off he would have had fear in his eyes.”

Wood’s wife wasn’t laughing, though. “She says ‘I could have been a widower, she says you never take anything serious.’ I said that’s my nature.”

The suspect, 47-year-old Mark Lepage was later arrested and charged with armed robbery.

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  • John

    This robber must have been a serious idiot. Congrats to Bob Wood for showing what a gutless person the robber was. However, I wouldn’t encourage Mr. Wood to refuse money to a robber with a gun in the future. It may not turn out so well.

  • NickW

    As I think it was great he stood up, but i am someone trained in the banking field and if this guy was more unstable the bank could have had a serious issue on their hands. Give the guy the money. He will be caught and the bank is insusred.

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