WESTON (CBS) – People in Japan were rattled Thursday by the biggest aftershock since the earthquake.

The quake measured at 7.4. They felt it in northeastern Japan, the area hit hardest last month, and even in Tokyo. There are widespread power outages.

For 90 minutes, there was also a tsunami warning.

The Fukushima Daichi nuclear plant apparently didn’t suffer more damage, but it’s already in bad shape.

Researchers at the Weston Observatory said these powerful aftershocks can last for months.

“The magnitude-9 is so big, the larger the main shock, the larger the aftershocks can be that follow it. The magnitude-9 was about a thousand times larger than today’s magnitude-7,” said Mike Hagerty of the Weston Observatory.

Japan’s Nuclear Safety Agency said backup generators kicked in Thursday to prevent any damage at three power plants along the northeastern coast.


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