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BOSTON (CBS) – It’s aggravating more than anything else.

You watch the Red Sox begin the season with a loaded roster and you’re thinking big things. Meanwhile, the Sox players are thinking maybe even bigger than the fans. You come out of the chute and… nothing’s there.

Sporadic hitting, spotty pitching, and OK defense. Nothing more.

The Red Sox will eventually win a game, but the one thing that bothers me is they seemingly came out of the gate in slow motion with no sense of urgency.

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The only time I saw a glimpse of that Boston passion was Tuesday night in the ninth inning with the Sox down 3-1. It came from the two grinders on the team… Dustin Pedroia and Kevin Youkilis.

Pedroia battled Tribe closer Chris Perez before hitting a solid single to left field. Then with two outs, Youkilis grinds out a walk. David Ortiz then battles but lines to left to end it.

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We need to see more of those kind of at-bats one through nine. That’s what this team has been very good at under the Theo Epstein regime. Indians starter Josh Timlin cruised through 7 innings as some Sox hitters showed very little patience.

One inning, one at-bat, one pitch at a time.

There’s an old saying in baseball ” stay within yourself.” It sounds foolish when you first hear it. However, when you think about it, it makes sense. Just play the game up to YOUR capabilities. Don’t try to win the game on one swing or one pitch. Let the game come to you. Trust your talent and you’ll be fine. Get away from that and you start pressing. Nerves enter the picture too.

For the 2011 Red Sox it’s simple. Relax, focus, and literally take it one pitch at a time. And, they’ll be fine.

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