Keller @ Large: T Snake Woman – Pay The Fine

BOSTON (CBS) – Remember a few weeks back when Melissa Moorhouse, the Allston woman who lost her pet boa constrictor on a Red Line train back in January got a bill from the T for $650 for what it cost them to clean up the car it nested in?

Listen to Jon’s commentary:

I spoke with her on the phone for awhile and she seemed like a perfectly nice person, so I was not entirely unsympathetic when I read last night that she’s refusing to reimburse the T, claiming that “if the T officials had given me any respect or listened to me in the first place, this wouldn’t have happened.”

But the T isn’t backing down. They’re threatening to turn her bill over to a collection agency.

And I’m here to tell you, Melissa, sometimes, you’ve just gotta pay the fine. Part of being an adult means you have to acknowledge when the other side of the story trumps your own.

You claim the snake isn’t poisonous and never posed a threat, but considering the way many people feel about snakes, you’re lucky no one spotted her and took a fatal heart attack.

And you claim the T didn’t need to clean up after Penelope, but federal safety regulations say otherwise.

Melissa, I believe you meant no harm and the whole incident mushroomed out of control in a way you never intended.

But the bottom line is you broke the rules about pets on the T. You made a mistake in a public place, it had monetary consequences and you are liable for those consequences.

Melissa, holding your breath until you turn blue is a child’s game, not that of a grown woman.

Pay the fine.

Work out a payment plan, make it ten bucks a week for the next 65 weeks, whatever, just pay the fine.

You’ll feel better, we’ll feel better about you, and you’ll be setting a good example – for Penelope.

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