SALEM, N.H. (CBS) — A recent poll by the group public policy polling found 42 percent of likely New Hampshire Republican primary voters doubt the president’s citizenship.

That’s less than the 51 percent who doubt it nationally.

Jon Keller talked with some New Hampshire voters.

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  1. jaygee says:

    Come on Jon, it’s New Hampshire. Their state motto should be “Come Here and Feel Better about Your Own State”.

    1. Robert F. Brown says:

      People are conditioned anymore to NOT believe anybody or anything. Especially politicians and news media.

      We’ve simply been lied to too much and the media twists and distorts the ‘news’ or ignores events altogether.

      Talk that is no conspiracy just all the more convinces me that there is.

      1. Erin says:

        ^ That was stupid comment.

  2. Patriot says:

    Who’s Jon Keller?

  3. Maggoo54 says:

    I believe that everyone running for President or any other government office should have to PROVE where they were born. I do not believe that Obama was born in this country – if he was… the birth certificate would have come out .. no questions asked to stop this controversy. ..Common sense.. why hide the birth certificate if there is nothing wrong? Hope they prosecute all involved..

  4. Louise says:

    If he is a citizen, why not show the proof???? What’s the big secret?
    Why wasn’t this proven before he even ran?

  5. Lee says:

    The problem is Fox News .. they have a market who feel threatened by anybody different than themselves (White, Anglo) .. I am sure they reported this while having the Security alert level flashing orange on the bottom right hand side of the screen. .. Trash

    1. Jay says:


      You probably blame Fox for the demise of ACORN also. The fact that main stream media refuses to follow up on this doesn’t mean it isn’t factual.


  6. Dave_D says:

    This shouldn’t be a big surprise. There are people who let their agenda drive their beliefs. Just look at all of the people who deny the holocaust, or those who deny global warming. And then you have those who seem to see a conspiracy in anything. The CIA, the Bush Administration, the MOSSAD, (take your pick) were behind 9/11. And how many people have been “conclusively proven” to have been on the Grassy Knoll? I

    1. kasser says:

      Nothing to do with Denying anything.
      Obama campaigned on the promise of transparency in DC. Campaigned that politicians should be held accountable.

      US Citizenship through birth is the sole biggest requirement to hold that office.
      Show the damn certificate in the spirit of transparency. I am neither for or against Obama, but don’t see the problem in showing it if there are doubt

      If nothing else, to shut up the right wing once and for all right ?

      And now you can bring in JFK and the grassy knoll. That is things we are not
      allowed to see either. If there is nothing to hide, what is the problem ? In fact, it could shut up some of the people you so obviously have issues with no ?

  7. FireGuyFrank says:

    Good grief, can’t we put this to rest? Maybe, just maybe, someone hacked into the newspaper in Honolulu and put a birth announcement in for then Senator Obama. Or maybe, just maybe, someone paid an employee at the paper to insert a new birth announcement page. Puh-leeze, it’s too late! There are major issues to deal with — the economy, the Middle East, and terrorism. Build a bridge and get over it.

  8. Bally Vaughan says:

    Oh, Gawd, when will this nonsense stop. His birth certificate has been posted on the internet, checked and verified by FACT CHECK.COM and still the looney tunes persist. The real issue, a black man has been elected President of the United States and this is a major problem for the formerly dominant white male population. Get over it, white men, you no longer dominate this country, blacks, latinos, women and other minorities have risen to power. And there’s no turning back.

    1. kasser says:

      Is it still on there ?
      Can’t we agree that politicians and presidents are for the people, by the people and that records that prove their right to hold office, any office, should be
      public record ?

      As redundent as it may be for the teaparty and their followers to pursue this issue over and over, – it is the President of the United States. The people who elected him, incl teaparty members has the right, or should have the right, to at any given time be able to pull this information from public records

    2. blackbear1 says:

      Bally, do not tell me to “get over it”.. No problem with a black president, just getting the right man. not one who has been created and manufactured by those rushing to make history. Many facets of this guys’ “being” are considered questionable. I question his value system and committment to American values as I have evry right to do. So let’s please dispense with Oh Gawd.

    3. jaygee says:

      Just down the road from Lisdoonvarna.

  9. Jay says:

    If there isn’t something to hide then why is the administration spending millions of dollars to thwart any investigation into whether it’s a birth certificate or certificate of birth. If you don’t know the difference then therein lies the problem.

  10. Stephen Stein says:

    Hey, it shows NH Republicans to be more intelligent than Republicans at large, of which 51% believe Obama wasn’t born in this country.

  11. p2 says:

    If the people who think the President was born outside the US are so sure of themselves, then why don’t they file a lawsuit? I am tired of their hot air. They should take legal action, and get this resolved. So far, they are all talk and no action.

    1. Stephen Stein says:

      They have, and they got laughed out of court.

      They’re not interested in resolution – that’s already been provided. They’re interested in controversy. Every time proof os offered them they’ve got their fingers in their ears saying “LALALALALALA”.

      1. kasser says:

        Every time ?
        The birth certificate has been public once, on a website as a copy
        They are asking to see the original, how freaking tough can that be ? unless of course……

      2. Stephen Stein says:

        The proof is there, shown again and again. Why should Obama answer the fools again, when it’s obvious that the truth doesn’t satisfy them? The deniers aren’t after the truth, they just want to stir the controversy.

  12. MrsC says:

    my children have to submit Birth Certificates to play Little League, but the President doesn’t to run the country?

  13. Ajay says:

    You can call it hot air or nonsense if you want. You can insult people and say that they’re not as intelligent as those who believe. You can blame it on FOX news, the tea party, or lettle green men if you want. The bottom line is that his original birth certificate has never been shown. Nor has there been an explaination given as to where it may have gone. So its a citizen’s duty to question.

    If he is a US citizen, then its not a big deal. But what if we find out that he’s not? Imagine the legal problems with everything a ‘non-president’ has signed.

  14. Arthur Newell says:

    Jon,I am surprised that you believe that Obama’s birth certificate has been published and is true.All that has been put out is an announcement of birth which is not a genuine birth certificate.The fact that Obama has spent over 2 million dollars to hide any investigation is proof to me that he is afraid to have it published.To the person who complained above that somebody should sue,many have sued and have been tossed out by a “friendly judge”.Even the Supreme Court took a vote and ruled 8 to 0 that he was not fit to be President.However,like everything else,that fact has been hidden because the S.C. is afraid we’d have a riot on our hands if we try to stop him.Anyhow, 14 states are voting to disallow anyone to vote in the next election without showing proof of birthplace.Now,let’s see him try to get by that.What a nerve he has askng the public to back him again.Because the main stream newspapers and TV stations have been paid big money not to print all the crooked tthings that have been going on in Washington and New York.However,any day now there will be evening announcements on radio and TV stating that many have been arrested in the government and that the Federal Reserve Board is being shut down,as well as the illegal IRS.We are also going back to a new money backed by silver and gold and Bernanke’s “fiat” money willed be destroyed.I can’t wait for the day!.

    1. paul says:

      Arther don’t look now but the men in the white coats are coming to get you.

  15. Barnhelm says:

    Former Presidential candidate Mitt Romney was born in Mexico; McCain was born in Panama. Yet both are natural born citizens of the U.S. The Constitution requires that the President be a natural born citizen, not that the President be born in the U.S. The Constitution does not define the term natural born citizen, but U.S. immigration law does. There are different requirements depending on the date of birth of the child, the citizenship or the parents, the residence of the parents. President Obama seems to qualify as a natural born citizen thanks to his mother regardless to where he was born.

  16. Benny says:

    Recently,Donald Trump publicly challenged Obama to show his birth certificate.He also did a thorough study of Obama,showing what a fraud he is.It behooves everyone to read the article.

  17. StanleyRamon says:

    I’m just glad I didn’t vote for McCain. He was born in Panama.

    1. Jay says:


      He was born in Panama on a US Naval base which is considered US property.


  18. mikey says:

    I’m sick of the 2012 election B.S. and it hasn’t really started yet.

  19. BostonIrish says:

    It’s been 3 years now. Give it up. I don’t believe he’s a natural born citizen either. But it’s past time. I hope he doesn’t get reelected because I think he’s done an abomination of a job and there’s no end in sight EXCEPT the 2012 elections to put a stop to this guy! The monetary policies are killing the financial infrastructure of this country, plain and simple. And his lack of leadership and initiative in foreign policy matters is weak at best.

  20. J DAVID says:


  21. Cindy says:

    Imagine, the most powerful office in the free world and he can’t produce a simple birthcertificate. WHat really bothers me is the fact that few seem to care. He’s a fraud. If he can’t be up front about this what else is he lying about? No way was he born in Hawaii. If he was he could simply publish a copy of his BC like everyone else born in the USA. How scary is it that this man could get elected??

    1. StanleyRamon says:

      Few seem to care because its fabrication cooked up by republicans, add that to the fact that he has turned the economy around and set us on a path to fix the health care nightmare, in spite of the conservative agenda, and he gets my vote.

      1. Ajay says:

        The original birth certificate has never been produced. The State of Hawaii has no explanation as to where it might have disappeared to… How is this a fabrication “cooked up” by republicians?

      2. BostonIrish says:

        Stan, he has absoltuely wrecked the financial infrastructure with EVERY monetary policy he’s allowed. The bailouts, QE, QE2 and now QE3. Geithner is a bonafide crook, and Bernanke is a hapless boob. Obamacare is a financial titanic to the middle class.

        I’ve already given up on the proof of birth certificate. Doesn’t change that Obama is lower than Carter was regarding being an effective leader, and I liked Jimmy Carter.

  22. Judy Cooper says:

    If the people who are so concerned about Obama not being a natural born citizen, I wonder why they aren’t also worried about Mitt Romney since Mitt isn’t a natural born citizen either–he was born in Mexico. And how about John McCain? He was born in the Panama Canal zone. Check it out for yourself. And by the way, if we don’t want anybody to be President that isn’t a natural born citizen, that also means that any American family that has a child while serving overseas in the military will have to remind that child that he or she will have strike off any aspirations they may have regarding running for the Presidency. Get a grip America! Focus on the real issues we face.

    1. Ajay says:

      Children born to parents serving overseas are US citizens. And everyone of them can produce a birth certificate if needed.

  23. StanleyRamon says:

    Here’s a link for my republican friends who couldn’t find their *** with either hand if they had a roadmap.
    Not all that difficult. By all means vote for another republican next time around but at least face reality.

    1. BostonIrish says:

      That’s it? Nice graphics, but it doesn’t show a birth certificate. Empty effort.

      1. StanleyRamon says:

        Yawn, my, my, I’m going to make it simple for you BostonIrish because you’ve been around here for a while and I appreciate your candor and opinions (the informed ones). Here
        Now I know that the next comment will be that this is some sort of fabrication. I’m not sure if all the republicans in the country think they’re going to get an original mailed to them or what, but this is it. I don’t think I could find an original copy of my birth certificate. In Hawaii, birth certificates are not a matter of public record, but I’m pretty sure it is one of the fifty United States, of which Panama is not. Now how about this, how about we get a republican to post a link for a copy of John McCain’s birth certificate with proof that he was born on a U.S. military base and the law stating that this is acceptable. I have a question for you. Neither one of my children were born in this country, although they have spent their entire lives here and are as American as well, Barack Obama, maybe more so, because they were also educated here. Do you think they should be able to become President of the United States?

  24. CallMeBC says:

    You have to be inexcusably stupid to believe the Birther stuff. Back in 2008 Snopes went the extra distance to photograph Obama’s birth certificate, the one that Hawaii normally gives out for proof of citizenship, as well as explain all the factual errors in the Birther’s claims, but that hasn’t mattered one bit, and neither have other similar efforts. I should say that the mainstream has been pretty culpable in all this: instead of shutting this down quickly with hard evidence. they resorted to their now standard, he said/she said useless “coverage” that accomplishes nothing — except for maybe boosting viewership/readership as “controversial” tend to do.

    And in this case, Mr. @Large, was typical in essentially milking the “controversy” some more instead of showing how ridiculous the claim is. And if that wasn’t enough, he then bizarrely and irresponsibly equates the Birther rubbish to not believing that Bush legitimately won the 2000 election. This conveniently ignores (although he’s hardly alone) how the most extensive analysis, done by a media consortium led by the Washington Post, of the Florida debacle shows that if there had been a full and constant state-wide recount, Gore wins, period. But they never did a full recount and this analysis was not completed until the following November, and by that time there were a few other distractions….

    1. Ajay says:

      I guess that I’m one of the ‘inexcusably stupid’. I guess that I’m that way because nobody’s ever seen the original. Its a shame that it can’t be produced.

  25. BostonIrish says:

    Stan, it’s a link to a birth certificate that shows Obama’s info. Good for you.

    Regarding your children being president, I’d have to hear their views, opinions and ideals on a whole spectrum of topics that impact me and my family before they get my vote.

    Thanks for showing patience towards ignorant little me regarding your condescending reply. You could be mistaken for a gentleman.

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