With tax season fast approaching and the issue of identity theft being such a HUGE problem. Why do the “powers to be” still require you to write your social security number on your check when you pay your taxes? Do they black it out when they go to deposit your check? They have your taxes right there w/ your SS# on it – but the forms don’t continue to circulate like your check does.  – Vicky, Leominster.

Watch the WBZ-TV report


Tax time can be enough of a hassle (and expense) without having to worry about your identity being stolen.  Right now, the IRS still uses Social Security numbers to track our tax records.  They say they’re working to change that.  They’ve eliminated the use of full Social Security numbers on many forms, and they’re blocking out all but the last 4 digits on others.  But if you mail in your check, the IRS still wants you to write your full social on the check.  The only alternative is to skip the check and use an electronic transfer to send the Uncle Sam the money.

Have you done your taxes yet?  Are you paying, or getting a refund?


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