By Ken Tucci, WBZ-TV

I would like to know the web address to watch the eagles in the nest. Could you send it to my E mail or post it on your web site or both, so others could have it too. – Robert

Sure.  Go here.

The eagle cam is courtesy of the Raptor Resource Project.  An organization that works to preserve falcons, hawks and eagles.

The nest is in Decorah, Iowa.  Three eaglets have hatched.

Be advised that there is advertising involved with their website.  Ours, too.

There’s an effort here in Mass. to protect eagles and it’s working.  Populations are increasing. I did a story about the yearly “census” of eagles a few years ago, and went out with folks from Mass. Wildlife.  A “climber” went up this huge tree where they knew there was a nest, put the eaglet in a bag, lowered it to the ground where the baby was measured and had an i.d. band placed around its’ leg, and then it was hauled back up to the nest.  All the while the mother eagle was flying around and yelling at all of us.  Sometimes I love my job.

  1. emom says:

    Eagles are extremely protective of their young. They are fantastic birds, I have had sitings of of few over the years, Also saw a young one flying around in halifax a few months ago, Glad to see 3 young in the nest, pray they make it to adult hood.

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