BOSTON (CBS) –  Bruins rookie Tyler Seguin has been playing well late in the season, but it sounds like he may not have a chance to keep it going in the playoffs.

“That’s the way it looks to be trending right now” GM Peter Chiarelli said on 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Toucher & Rich Wednesday morning. “We have some games left, (Michael) Ryder’s seemed to find him game a bit as has (Danielle) Paille and Tyler has tailed off a bit.”

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“We have some games and practices left and it’s still up for competition,” Chiarelli added. “Let’s see how the next few games play out.”

Segiun, selected second overall in the 2010 NHL draft by the Bruins, has played in 72 games his rookie season scoring 11 goals.

“He hasn’t really lost the spot per se yet, it’s a matter of battling and producing,” Chiarelli said of the 19-year-old. “His battle-level has increased significantly. He’s just a young kid in a playoff environment and it happens sometimes. It’s nothing negative if it does happen. I’ve felt in the last little bit his game has come quite significantly. It’s where it should be at this point or close to where it should be at this point to really contribute.”

“It’s nothing negative, he’s just a young kid that has to produce,” Chiarelli said. “We all have to produce at this level.”

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Chiarelli said the Bruins would like to have more experienced players on the ice to start the postseason. Ryder has played in 45 playoff games in five seasons, including 24 with the Bruins.  Chiarelli likened Seguin being sat to what the Bruins did with Phil Kessel during the 2007-08 NHL Playoffs when the rookie sat for the first three games in the first round against the Montreal Canadiens.

“You’ve seen before when we had Kessel here, he was scratched a couple of games and ended up contributing. So you never know what could happen.”

Kessel ended up scoring three goals in four games of the that series. Montreal won the series in seven games.

“There are motivational reasons behind things too. I’m not saying that applies to Tyler. I’m just saying a lot of things can happen.”

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