BOSTON (CBS) –  If local retailers have their way, online shopping will end up costing you more money in the future.

On Thursday, Massachusetts retailers were expected to be on Beacon Hill pushing a bill that adds the state’s sales tax onto online purchases.

Supporters say the bill will allow in-state businesses to compete and will level the playing field.

Massachusetts says it loses more than 300-million dollars a year in non-taxed online sales.

Comments (3)
  1. toni says:

    Just another reason to shop in NH.

    Even if this goes through, the online price more often than not, is cheaper than the price in a retail store. Therefore, if I have to pay the sales tax I’m still going to save money over buying in a retail store.

  2. Mark says:

    Got a freind in NH just ask them to order for you. The economy is still bad, retailers in MA are grasping at straws. Don’t they realize it is the states fault for all the regulations & fees they have to pay. Why do you think businesses pull out of here. Not a freindly business climate.

  3. DStein says:

    If this goes through it will just contribute to the exodus of people, businesses and jobs from Massachusetts. No wonder New Hampshire likes the Massachusetts legislature, its better than any NH economic stimuli they could do on their own!

    Instead of pushing for more taxes, the Mass. retailers should be asking for the elimination or rollback of the Mass. sales tax. They better rethink their position or they’ll be sorry they got what they wished for.

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