CAMBRIDGE (CBS) – Fast food and marathon running don’t typically go hand-in-hand.

burger 2 Dressed Like Burgers, Running The Boston Marathon

Members of the Burger Brigade on a weekly 'training' run. (Credit: Valerie Chadha)

But a group of local college students loves both, and is aiming to convince people otherwise. 

The Burger Brigade” is preparing to run 26.2 miles on Marathon Monday, all while dressed in burger and fry costumes.

“Everything is better with burgers, including the Boston Marathon,” the group claims in a ridiculous and rather entertaining You Tube video they put together as part of their marathon fundraising campaign.

The team is running the race rogue, but is also raising money for a charity called “Back on My Feet.”

“Back on My Feet” is a non-profit organization that promotes the self-sufficiency of urban homeless populations by engaging them in running.

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Harvard senior Sam Novey explains that “The Burger Brigade” chose “Back on My Feet” because of the incredible work they’re achieving in Boston. “We’re inspired by what they’re doing,” Novey said.

burger 4 Dressed Like Burgers, Running The Boston Marathon

Burger Brigaders sprint through Harvard Yard. (Credit: Burger Brigade, via You Tube)

“The charity fits in very well with our mission of wellness, running, and fitness,” Harvard senior and brigade member Victor Wong told

Novey ran the race last year dressed as “Burger Man.” He and his buddies had a much larger vision this year.

Their goal is to raise $1,800 for each of the 10 burger-dressed members who cross the finish line. That’s the amount it costs to fund one person’s participation in the “Back on My Feet” program.

The group of Harvard, Berklee, and Northeastern students somehow managed to hatch a plan for an entire brigade to run, all while some of them were juggling their Senior Theses.

Training consists of a weekly hour-long run around Harvard Square that organizers call “The Burger Mile.”

burger 3 Dressed Like Burgers, Running The Boston Marathon

The Burger Brigade conquers the statue in Harvard Yard. (Credit: Burger Brigade, via You Tube)


Their Saturday runs are now up to about 40 or 50 people. “It’s been great. Nothing like running in burgers to make your Saturday a good time,” Novey joked.

The primary purpose of their ‘training run’ is to “raise awareness and get people excited about the cause,” according to Wong.

They’ve also been smart enough to get sponsored. Perhaps one of the greatest perks of these runs is waiting at the finish line of each training run. Local burger chain, B.Good hands out free burgers and shakes for everyone who participates.

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