WEST BRIDGEWATER (CBS) — When Robert Magee lost his way chasing his dog into the woods in West Bridgewater, it was a state police helicopter outfitted with an infrared camera that found him.

goggles West Bridgewater Man Found After Getting Stuck In Swamp With Dog

State police used these infrared goggles to spot Robert Magee in the woods in West Bridgewater.

Saturday night police got a call from West Bridgewater from Magee’s girlfriend. She told them he wandered into the Hockomock Swamp, and he tried to call her but his phone went dead.

State police launched Air 2 and found the 27-year-old and his dog. They were by a fire Magee had started.

WBZ-TV’s Ken MacLeod talked with Robert Magee.

“He was amazingly calm he initially waved his hands over head,” said State Police Trooper Mark Costa. “He was shining a small light as well which we thought was impressive because most people might not signal a helicopter.”

helicopter West Bridgewater Man Found After Getting Stuck In Swamp With Dog

This is a helicopter similar to the one that found Robert Magee Saturday in West Bridgewater. It's outfitted with an infrared camera on the bottom.

Magee is a trained Marine and authorities say he set up the perfect rescue scenario. But a ground rescue was nearly impossible and the helicopter crew could tell Magee was getting tired. At one point he and the dog went from knee-deep water to arm pit-deep water.

WBZ-TV’s Diana Perez reports.

The crew was pulled back and a hovercraft was brought in instead.

Three hours after the initial call two officers in dry suits reached Magee and his dog.

The pooch was gently carried into the craft first then Magee. Neither required medical attention.

State police say Magee did the right thing by starting a fire. They recommend using some kind of light to help search crews spot you.

Comments (4)
  1. emom says:

    Glad he and the dog are safe, Wonder if he had watched any of the survival shows, they do give you plenty of survival hints , Especially if you are an outdoorsman and do a lot of hiking, camping or any other outdoor sport… even if you are just out driving and get stranded in the middle of no where. Did the cops use over kill, well its a catch 22, if it were a child and they didnt use this technology we would have probably wondered why, yes it sees over kill, but the temps are not favorable for survival especially if they drop. At least he thought of staying put and build a fire , he would have been found with that as well. congrats to the poilce for using technology and acting fast…

    1. Winning with tiger blood says:

      “Magee is a trained Marine and authorities say he set up the perfect rescue scenario.”

      As the article said…

  2. teremist says:

    My son, also a US Marine, became lost in the woods with his Rott pup. The first time, it was guys from his squad that found him……also the second. I sent him a compass, then realized I should have sent him a GPS. God Bless The US Marine Corps.!!!

  3. USMC_TOP says:

    Happy ending but this isn’t saying much for the land navigation course we’re putting our Marines through in Boot Camp.. Especially the post stating his son got lost….Twice.


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