ATTLEBORO (CBS) – A tractor trailer rolled over on the ramp from I-95 southbound at I-295 in Attleboro on Monday.

State police said the tractor trailer spilled diesel fuel onto the highway after the crash at around 9 a.m. Officials later said the truck’s cargo was not considered hazardous.

The cleanup was completed after noon and the ramp was re-opened.

The driver suffered minor injuries.

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  1. emom says:

    Wait diesel fuel is NOT hazzardous,,, what its no big deal then. It could have ignited, it will leak into the eco system, the fumes will be bad, but oh wait its not hazzardous , well thats a relief,,, NOT.. but wait why does these kinds of accidents always happen ,,,, Does the DOT truely test truckers, do companies retrain especially after accidents like this, do they bring it up with their drivers on road safety to be sure it does not happen in their company, Do they monitor the healt of their drivers, like as in SLEEPYNESS, Studies show drivers are over tired ,,,,,Do companies INSPECT their vehilces for faulty brakes, tires, TAIL LIGHTS, BLINKERS, WIPERS, HEADLIGHTS, PROPER HAZARD SIGNS, These are truely a problem with trucks and commercial vehicles these days.. Just look at the trucks on the road, broken lights, no signs, worn tires, loose parts, missing euipment, and eratic driving behavior.. all a problem and a danger.. So this will be intersting to see if SPEED , tired driver, shifting cargo, (yeah no), or some other reason,,, glad the driver is ok thou,, but poor judgement perhaps,

    1. Taxpayer says:

      Do you just like to hear your self talk. You sound like a raving lunatic sometimes. You should get out more often, away from the keyboard.

  2. merlin215 says:

    Around 6:45 AM today , I was southbound on 95 around the Mechanic st exit and a tanker truck with RI plates , came flying by ( mad because he couldn’t get around me or the car in the right lane at 65 ) , He had to be going over 70 plus ! They drive like they are race cars with no care at all . Its a wonder not many more folks are killed . I wonder what the state police say when an accident happens ? we should have more folks out there ? Our officers are not stopping people during rush hour ?

  3. jaygee says:

    Almost always on a ramp with far too much speed involved. The excuse will be the same, “somebody cut me off or there was a coyote on the road or my brakes failed”. Driving large vehicles is not an easy job but SLOW DOWN!!!!

    1. emom says:

      Agree, and some think other,,, time will truely tell …

  4. eddwal50 says:

    emom lok at the trailer he if he had a load it was a liquid so he was going to fast either with or without a load so it was speed related

  5. emom says:

    Eddwal50 I agree speed probably was the reason, I simply said those things because we hear it all the time, some crazy excuse of why the accident happened by the driver.. Plus to make a statement that the cargo was not hazardous, I thought diesel was dangeous either way. off ramps and speed and a tanker or truck. WHY do these things happen…

  6. Emmit says:

    First, that ramp is not the greatest in the world and the driver quite possibly was going to fast for the ramp. Do a search for “41.952599,-71.306527” and you will be able to see how it’s not a nice sweeping angle for an off ramp. All of the ramps in that area are very tight.

    Second, most people in passenger vehicles think that an 18 wheeler can stop on a dime like they can. Automobiles are usually the cause of most accidents with trucks (not always, but usually).

    Diesel fuel is hazardous, but does not have to be classified as a hazardous material on the trailer unless that is what the tanker is hauling.

  7. merlin215 says:

    Emmit I agree with your comment about the design of the exits but if folks slow down , then there would not be anything to be concerned about . Trouble is , everyone , including cars and trucks are going way too fast for them . Secondly knowing that 18 wheelers ( I used to drive single axle 30 footers for over 8 years , not 18 wheelers back in the 70’s ) The 30 footers can tip over , and the 18 wheelers can’t stop if you go too fast on the ramps , they should adjust their speed to reflect this , Drivers Ed 101 . Limitations of trucks that drivers need to realize as they should have been taught this . Thats what should be happening to these drivers but they get into these modes where they try to go as fast as the cars . SLOW DOWN is my way of fixing it , not to 55 or so but try to keep it around 60 65 . Take a ride on 495 and 95 in the am or evening going home and the trucks are BIG , and they come right up on your ass . even if I wanted to pull over, I couldn’t with cars passing on the right as well . They try to force me to drive 75 80 miles per hour in all lanes and pity those poor folks in the breakdown lane as well . Sorry but just my 2 cents …. Not sure if anyone knows a solution ….

  8. davemmh says:

    you all are morons…first off im a truck driver and u all think one person crashing makes us all bad drivers. We get cut off by all day by u “busy” people who are late to where they are going. Also when we are driving 65 the rest of the highway is doing 80 so we have to drive 70, and lastly the trailer that flipped is a dry bulk trailer so it hauls flour,ash,lime so the load didn’t shift. Everyone likes posting these ignorant comments u all think its easy get a cdl and try it

    1. Brandi says:

      He was hauling BIO SOLID FROM QUINCY, MA to Union Bridge never got it there and I dont think he was speeding.. i believe that it did shift.. and 2nd he is my husband and now he is suffering the pain from the accident along with that he went to get checked out and he has a t7 vertebrae problem out this.. so maybe you truckers out there need to make sure you are not at risk for these accidents.. I just thank the LORD he isn’t dead!!

  9. ryan says:

    im 20 years old drive truck for 2 years . the guy that wrecked is my cousin i dnt know what happen and im just glad he is ok 18 wheelers are deadly just like car but the thing that gets me about truck accidents is people cutting u off pulling out in front of u no trun signal think we can stop on a dime when ur haulong 80,000lbs it dnt happen like that so all u guys talking like its all 18 wheelers fault for driving stupid ;look at ur speed ometer when u pass one or think ot look at cars passingus on hills on double lines u guys r always in a hurry so maybe before u blame us maybe u guys should look around and see how people drive or pass us. a good example is i was pulling a hill the other day 40 mph and got passed by 5 cars on a double line and the funny thing is the last car almost got hit so therefor maybe u guys should just slow it down a little bit and use ur ddriving 101 skills drive rig aint easy like u guys think its alot dif then ur little tonka toys

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