BOSTON (CBS) – Peaches are delicious, but finding the ripest ones can be tricky.

The Fresh Grocer Tony Tantillo shows you how to pick a winner:

  1. donna sullivan says:

    As much as I like your new section on fresh produce, I hope that you will soon stress LOCAL produce and in-season produce. That is the “freshest” choice.

    Today’s segment on peaches is an example of what is wrong about the focus on fruits and vegetables from thousands of miles away. Peaches are best eaten in season (as is all produce). Peaches at this time of year are picked before they are fully ripe and travel thousands of miles to get to Mass. Not the best time to buy and eat them.

    Please tell Dave Wade, who commented that he has never had a good peach, that he needs to wait and buy them in season AND at a local orchard (not in a supermarket) in August. We buy them at Breezelands Orchards in Warren, MA and they are the ripest, juiciest peaches I have ever tasted. Absolutely fabulous – in season!

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