By Paula Ebben, WBZ-TVBy Paula Ebben

BOSTON (CBS) — If you’re thinking about trying to sell your home this spring, there are some projects which can increase your chances of getting a good price.

Jennifer Tidwell loves her new home, but she wasn’t so sure when she first saw it. “It was this bright blue color and it sort of stuck out like sore thumb,” she explained.

She took the plunge, but had to give the house a face lift.  That included paint, new front steps, a deck, and landscaping.

“If you can deal with a little bit of dust and a little bit of hassle, it’s just totally worth it in the long run,” said Tidwell.

WBZ-TV’s Paula Ebben reports.

The seller might have gotten a better price if they had done some of that work before they put the house on the market.  The right projects and a little TLC can really help a property stand out when things are tough to sell.

Realtor Rahdi Ahern said, “It’s still very much a buyer’s market.  Buyers are extremely picky about amenities, location, and price.”

Seller need to make sure their property sparkles.  Some projects, however, make more sense than others as you try to improve your homes curb appeal.

As Ahern observed, “You only get one chance to make a first impression.”

If your front door, lock, or handle is weathered or worn down, replace it at a pretty low risk.  On average, this project will cost $1,218 and return $1,243.

Next, take a look at your garage door. It’s a physically large feature and one that buyers often notice first.  An average investment of $1,291 brings back $1,083.

A deck can be another selling feature.  An investment of $10,973 returns about $7,986 at the time of sale.

Ahern added, “Decks are an incredible draw for buyers.  Adding a deck is literally almost increasing the square footage of your home.”

Realtors also say sellers have to sweat the small stuff.  An easy to do list includes washing the windows, using higher wattage light bulbs to add light, and make sure your house number is easily visible.

Ahern said, “The most basic thing you can do is de-clutter the front, remove any dead shrubs or bushes, and replant some inexpensive flowers to add color.”

Although the February home sales numbers were disappointing, its projected sales of existing homes will be up eight percent nationally this year.


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