52 Arrested At Underage Drinking Party In Plainville

PLAINVILLE (CBS) – More than two years after a girl was found dead after an underage drinking party in Plainville, 52 people were arrested over the weekend when police broke up another party in the same town.

Seven of the people arrested were at least 21 years old, while the rest were underage, police said.

Eight girls faced the judge on Monday and were charged with underage drinking. Meanwhile, six men at least 21 years or older also faced the judge and were charged with supplying the alcohol.

One of those men, 21-year-old Daniel Feeney, was seen holding up his middle finger as he walked out of the courtroom.

WBZ-TV’s Jim Armstrong reports.

The rest of the defendants are expected to be arraigned by Wednesday.

Police said that they found a large amount of alcohol and marijuana when they arrived on the scene. They said they were originally responding for a parking complaint.

Officers from Foxboro, Wrentham, Attleboro and North Attleboro assisted Plainville police at the scene.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Kim Tunnicliffe reports.

In October 2008, 17-year-old Taylor Meyer was found dead in a swamp. She had been at a drinking party at an abandoned airfield near the swamp.

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  • emom

    Where was the legal adults in this, NO I MEAN NON DRINKING ADULTS, who allowed this party,, and where were the parents of those underage, dont give that kids will be kids and that you cant monitor them every time, thats bull , its lack of parenting, being involved in your kids lives, to allow a child to a party , never ask a question on it, take a drive by to see whats going on , whether to just see after your child goes or to take them their, to just believe they are going to a NON DRINKING party, to never talk to your kids about the dangers of drinking , I find it just irresponsible of someone , thank god nobody got hurt, sick, ended up in the hospital or worse… You would think thou that these kids would have REMEMBERED about the last tragedy, or do they just believe , OH THAT WONT HAPPEN TO ME, I AM SMARTER THAN THAT, I wonder how many of these arrested were INDEED at that last party. How many were drunk at that party, did they get arrested, did their parents even take the steps in talking with thier kids about it and to not be so foolish…. OH time will tell, %0 kids, there is going to be a few that just might have been at the last party and didnt learn from it. WHAT THEY DIDNT DRINK ONLY WENT TO HAVE A GOOD TIME< are you that foolish to believe that, REALLY, first of all, anyone that beleives to go to a party in which there is UNDERAGE DRINKING , is going to get in trouble just as those that ARE DRINKING, that is foolish thinking if you wont get in trouble, your at a drinking party, regaurdless if you were drinking or not, if you saw drinking YOU SHOULD HAVE LEFT and did the right thing and told someone….oh but kids hardly use common sense, and they beleive its no big deal.. well this story will be intersting , but so many will pay a very HIGH price.

    • dan

      emom going on a blog is not going to solve the worlds problems .. everyone is not the same…

    • rob

      shut up…it was a party nothing will stop parties from going on..stop complaining..no one should be able to arrest 50 ppl im sure the cops illegally entered the housein the first place

  • jaygee

    Let’s see, 52 kids who have at least 100 parents between them and none of them had a clue as to where their kids were on a week-end night. Alcohol and drugs present with mostly teenagers present and nobody knew. Nothing more has to be said.

  • Jiggy

    Do you think this is the only place that underage drinking happens? , when did this become a taylor story?don’t even bring taylor up. Yes, we are all very sorry for the loss of taylor, but if you are going to bring her up for every busted party in plainville you would have to bring her up for every party busted ANYWHERE. and as a matter of fact a lot of kids learned from taylor’s mistake. you can’t blame kids for wanting to have fun, and the majority of the party were above 18. When my parents were 18, they could drink legally.. so stop blaming the parents too. Oh and to the comment above, kids lie to there parents, its nothing new. This is the plainville cops with nothing better to do. This was no huge drug bust, in fact parties like these happen every weekend somewhere in this area so you people that think its something new are stupid. I don’t think it was necessary to arrest mad heads, i don’t think its necessary to bring up a death to try and make these kids feel guilty for taylor, and i don’t think this is any breaking news. All it is is bored cops from 4 towns with nothing better going on, so there going to make it look like there busy. shoutout to the dau.

    • Cinque

      Jiggy, I think I know where you got your name because it is apparent that your brain is “JIGGY”.

      • Jiggy

        good one? did u come up with that by yourself?? its just easier to reply with that because you can’t actually respond to any point i made.

    • Sully

      Jiggy, you definitely aren’t the brightest bulb on the tree.

      You stated, “you can’t blame kids for wanting to have fun, and the majority of the party were above 18”,

      First of all you typed the exact point that “emom” made in her post about kids having fun. Smoking marijuana and drinking under the age of 21 is NOT HAVING FUN!

      Secondly, you stated that most of the kids were above 18. Do you know what the legal drinking age is in Massachusetts? How do you justify those that were drinking under the age of 21?

      My guess, is that you’re a minor yourself, so that explains how you made those idiotic comments.

      • Jiggy

        actually drinking and smoking is very fun. if done responsibly which is what these kids were doing. oh and how old was taylor when she died..? was she above the age of 18?? thats my point. these kids are legal adults. Actually, im just presenting my opinion that i am entitled to. huge waste of everybody time.

        parents do talk to there kids about the dangers in drinking, and guess what these kids are still alive, and weren’t driving lol so where is the danger? if these cops never busted the party, you would be going on with your life and not know it even happened but now all of a sudden its a huge deal.

        and you can sit here and tell me im an idiot all you want but im not the one sitting here insulting your intelligence, so i guess that makes you the kid then huh?

      • Brett

        People are losing sight of the actual issue here. THINK ABOUT THIS: FOR all of you who are successful and responsible adults, do you remember what it was like to be 17 and “free”? YOUNG PEOPLE CANNOT KNOW HOW AGE FEEL, BUT ADULTS ARE GUILTY WHEN THEY FORGET WHAT IT IS LIKE TO BE YOUNG. I am not saying that these events are “right” but I urge all adults to remember their high school memories before slamming insults and sarcastic comments onto the table. Any one of you who pretends to not know “why kids would do such a thing” is a out-right liar and they know it.
        Just something to consider…

      • SMD

        I have to agree with Jiggy. Drinking and smoking is a ball. Who can honestly say they didn’t do that when they were younger? Who cares about the legal drinking age when you’re 18? No harm was done and nobody got hurt. Any reference to the Taylor case is uncalled for.

  • emom

    REALLY NOW< only 7 were OVER 21 all the rest , 45 of them were in deed UNDERAGE, next , to make a statement that this happens all the time in plainville says alot, BORED COPS , well maybe someone was sick and tired of teenages running amok , getting drunk and high and acting badly in their neighborhood and BECAUSE of taylor desided enough was enough and did not want another death.. and as for the bored cops, RIGHT, but when you want them and if they dont come they will be screeeming where are they , Maybe they needed all these towns to help out since there were 52 kids I seriously do not think a few cops would have been able to contain them all. They would scatter fast, If they are innocent then tell it to the judge, let the courts deside. Parents all to often are not involved with their kids, I grew up when drinking was 18 and SORRY I knew better so did many of my friends, our parents sat us down and truely cared and talked to us about the consequences with drinking and drugs, I dont even drink and drive, Nor do drugs, so dont tell us its normal or that the cops were bored, and that it was not necessary to even go there and arrest them all. really and if something truely horrible did happen ,, I bet some would have asked where were the cops and how could they have JUST LET IT HAPPEN.. I for one am glad that they did intervine, maybe a few will get the message, sadly many more wont care and will only do it again and again and again, then driving will be involved and then tradegy … Keep beleiving its no big deal.. Be greatfull NOBODY was hurt this time, its a huge wake up call. FOR ALL AGES……

  • Shawn Bernazzani

    lack of parenting i think its lack of going ham

  • Mel

    I wouldn’t go as far as blaming parents. As an adult, I can honestly say the things I kept from my parents when I was a teen could have gotten me into a lot of trouble. However, I think the fact that my parents didn’t choose to smother me made me into the person I am today. When I hit college, I had already experienced the “crazy fun” and didn’t do anything stupid as a lot of my college friends did. And as for the friends in high school who were completely smothered ended up doing nothing with their lives and most never graduated college because when they got there, they used their free time to let loose and go wild. These things happen all the time and most of us adults have done some stupid things also in our past.

  • Jiggy

    And you really think that everyone was drinking that was there? were you at that party, still feeling a little funny eh? lol nobody died and nobody went walking in the woods, the only time these kids would be in the woods would be because running from the police. no airfeilds, no swamps just a house that kept them contained. It was actually a safe party. and these kind of raves are busted EVERY WEEK somewhere so stop trying to blame the plainville kids partying today for the mistake taylor made two and a half years ago. im typing this wearing a bracelet, i think of taylor everyday but it has no relation to this party. and honestly alot of these kids dont even live with there parents, so stop blaming it on “unconcerned parents” because thats a loud of BS.

    • Anonymous

      Were you in court today or are you on the docket for Wednesday?

    • Alex

      Everything you are saying is right and I can see the point of view of others, but ultimately you are correct. You people are being narrow minded by thinking that every kid who was there was drinking. Not every person there was looking to ” get drunk and high and cause problems”. Look at it from a different point of view and open your eyes to the fact that not every teenager is stupid, not every teenager goes to these parties to drink. Lots of the kids who were there and were drinking were either staying or had a designated driver, THE RESPONSIBLE THING TO DO. This is being blown up like this because of the town that it is in and the history behind it. These kids were smart enough to be confined in a house and not leave at all. This has nothing to do with the parents, i can honestly say that most parents knew where their kids were that night and knew that their kids were either drinking or not drinking. Parents driving by the house to check up is considered a “helicopter parent”, so you are saying you dont trust what you’re kids are telling you. To have a good relationship with your kids you need to be on a level where they can tell you everything, as most of these kids were. So please open your eyes and realize that you are being narrow minded by thinking that everyone there was in the wrong.

      • bbb

        Ok. so let me get this straight. Only a few kids were going to drive under the influence. And parents who check up on there kids are bad parents, but those who allow their kids to go to a party and drink are good parents.

  • safe-at-last

    Oh, I can rest now, because Jiggy has all the answers.Somehow I had it in my mind that this was not a good scene, I mean 52 kids drinking. I am so glad Jiggy straightened that out for us and showed us that 52 kids drinking is not a bad thing.

    • Jiggy

      FYI i am a 19 year old kid and is it the really the end of the world?? do you really have to waste tax payers money, seeing as this is the first thing many of these kids have ever done, and the judge may let them off with a warning? i know you guys are saying this kid is an idiot, but i wasn’t arrested there was i? so maybe im not an idiot then huh? if you think this was the first time these kids drank you are out of your mind. actually, most of these kids have never gotten in trouble for anything and even the neighbors said that these kids are good kids..now these kids are missing school to go to a courtroom where the judge is going to go easy on 52 kids. everyone was responsible, had a ride, was surrounded by friends and weren’t in the middle of the woods. every cop is a criminal, and this is just another way for them to look get booze and look busier then the usual saturday night “clocking” people for speeding past rite aid, AKA sleeping for there shift

      • NF

        Grow up, your immaturity is very evident. It’s pretty obvious you are in some way connected with the people at the party. To say it was a “safe” party is naive. These kids would be getting into vehicles after the party and it is a safe assumption that some would be under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. Think of how many innocent lives could have been affected if one of the party goers caused an accident and killed an innocent person. Jiggy, no offense but you are everything that is wrong with today’s youth. As a resident of Plainville I am happy my taxpayer dollars were spent arresting 52 children who need to learn a lesson.

        Also, marijuana and scales were found by police, so someone was obviously dealing. Sunday’s Sun Chronicle lists all the names of the partygoers. Their parents must be very proud.

    • bbb

      And Jiggy knew that they all walked to the party and weren’t gonna drive home.

  • Mark

    Arrest them arrest their parents. Throw the book at the homeowner.

  • emom

    I get the smothering of kids, thats not what I say, simply just be involved with your kids. Sure they will hide and lie to their parents, heck so did I , but when I got caught, buy the punishment was far worse, GLAD too, since I am a very responsible adult and glad too. For kids to attend such a RAVE party is crazy.. yeah like this is only a simple party,, yup like you said it happens all the time…… SO glad that was cleared up, and many of the kids dont live with their PARENTS what where they runaways, wow, I get the 7, 21 year olds are on their own typicall since partying is their life, but the other 45 were underage, so I would gather manhy are living at home. Guess we know where some get their mentality from ,, 4 LOKO maybe.. combined with smirnoffs.. yeah like mixing drinks is so smart.. HOWS THAT HANG OVER KIDS,, does it feel great.

    • Jiggy

      then ur more fried then the kids there

    • dan

      yaeh ….no kidding i would like to see what you did in your younger years

    • mdr489

      emom you are naive, you think ppl are going to not drink before the age of 21…grow up

      • emom

        Oh yeah that drink It was 1978, that year 18 was legal to drink. then it changed to 20 then to 21.. so I did wait till I ws 21. I hardly drink, and have never got drunk for the fun of it. No need. Life is way more important than being stupid.

      • emom

        Hey DAN guess what I never drank before it was legal, Not a drop, was 18 when I had my first drink, never went to parties like this, didnt hang out at 2 in the morning for no reason, and got good grades in school , OH and never bucked the system or dissed the cops. sorry But this one didnt do stupid things, and No I have never drank and drove, HOw stupid is that.

        MDR489 NAIVE hardly I have grown knowing right from wrong, at least I did it the right way, Guess to many today dont value rules, guess their upbringing taught them to just break any and all rules, when do they use common sense or realize how stupid it was … I guess only time will tell if they will realize it before its too late, I would think that KIDS would realize drinking is not all that important in life, But I guess kids must EXPERIMENT TO EXTREMES. Now that is naive, thinking that nothing could have gone bad.

  • Justin

    This is not a newsworthy event. It just happened to be a good opportunity for police to make an example of these kids. It won’t change a thing, nor should it. Kids will be kids.

  • Brett

    People are losing sight of the actual issue here. THINK ABOUT THIS: FOR all of you who are successful and responsible adults, do you remember what it was like to be 17 and “free”? YOUNG PEOPLE CANNOT KNOW HOW AGE FEEL, BUT ADULTS ARE GUILTY WHEN THEY FORGET WHAT IT IS LIKE TO BE YOUNG. I am not saying that these events are “right” but I urge all adults to remember their high school memories before slamming insults and sarcastic comments onto the table. Any one of you who pretends to not know “why kids would do such a thing” is a out-right liar and they know it.
    Just something to consider…

  • Jiggy

    i can’t reply to NF’s comment directly under so here it goes.

    first, I’m everything wrong with todays youth? how about you grow up. i wasn’t anywhere near that party. and in order for your statement to be true i would have to be an “underage drinker” to be the downfall of plainville. But in a little over a year, i magically gain responsibility from the tooth fairy and then its ok for me to go out drinking. give me a break.

    2nd who said that these kids didnt have designated drivers? or maybe they were staying at the actual house after the festivities.

    3rd i guess plainville discovered that marijuana dealers exist right? the local gas station clerk can have a scale in his pocket everyday and you’d never know. did they find 52 scales? any meth at the party? heroin? lol you people need to relax and not be so narrow minded.

    • Jiggy

      once again its easier to type out insults and avoid the points i’ve made then to actually type out something u think makes a little more sense than calling in 4 towns and arresting 52 kids that arent doing anything different than the kids the same age at off campus college parties at umass, or any college rather.

    • ch@rlie $heen

      why didn’t i get an invite?

  • emom

    I am so glad I never did foolish behavior like this.. WOW, this tells me that kids dont get it. Why do you kids need to drink before the age, why behave in a way that casues grief, I am not sure I get it but so glad I dont. Its foolish behavior and it only continues into adult hood. For your imformation many kids DONT do these things, and are truely well behaved, are honest and thats rare. BUT hey act like its a party all the time and lets hope it does turn out ok. I dont see that with this kind of thinking. Just glad I had good judgement growing up and still think that way today.. Oh as for being a teenager at 17 Yeah I remeber, I am not ancient you know, but saw how stupid these kind of behaviors were then and still do.. Guess I used my COMMON SENSE, something which is truely lacking these days.

  • Emmit

    Let’s look at the facts. 52 people were arrested and only 7 were over the age of 21 which is the legal drinking age in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Nowadays the police have to act on reports of underage drinking. it’s not like it was “back in the day” 10 or 15+ years ago. It wouldn’t have been made as much of a big deal as it is now.

    Why is alcohol such a big taboo, because society in the USA makes one. Most countries around the world have a legal drinking age set at 18 but there isn’t a taboo and stigma attached to alcohol in those countries and usually the fines for underage drinking as well as OUI are quite a bit stricter.

    What I’m saying and have always said is that our society has deemed that drinking alcohol under the age of 21 is a bad thing. You tell a teenager that they can’t do something they usually are going to try and do it. What is not taught to the youth of America about alcohol is moderation. Most kids drink to get drunk which just about everyone that drinks has done at least once. This kind of activity is going to keep happening as long people’s perception remains the same.

    “Business Hoes and CEOs” themed party, can’t say I’ve heard that one before but at least it had a theme for a little while. Next time, tell your friends to car pool and not park blocking fire hydrants.

  • keep it real

    I see comments railing on the parents being bad parents and not being involved. The only people that have any right to make comments like that are those who have NEVER EVER drank under age or gone to a house party. Do you fit that description emom.. I doubt it.. what about you mark? Keep it honest people. I am a 37 year old RESPONSIBLE parent of two young children and I KNOW what I did as a teenager. I know what I did and didn’t tell my parents. I KNOW that my children are gonna do stupid things and make bad choices throughout thier lives. All we can do as parents is teach them the best we can and hope they make the right choices. As adults we now see things differently than when we were kids, thats called brain development… thats called maturity… things that teenagers dont have which is why they do these thing, why WE did those things. So emom… Mark… and who ever else get off your soap box’s and keep it real because you all know what you did too.

    • emom

      keep it real , really are you so sure , I have never drank as a teenager, I was raised better than that, Didnt go to house parties that I knew booze was being served, Want that stupid. Yes I may have lied about some things but drinking never, as I never had the need to even try it. I was 18 , 1978 wehn I took my first drink, shortly after that they changed the age and I then waited agian,, Never missed nor wanted it. and today I hardly drink, and NEVER DRIVE IF I HAD DRANK. I value life and do not have the need to get buzzed or even drunk. Maybe its because I have seen the bad side of drunks, not from my family but from friends we once knew, so no You are wrong I never drank while under age, EVER…………………..

  • emom 2

    “stop running or i am going to shoot you”
    very professional plainville PD, over a few beers? this one comment made by an officer sums up the whole situation.

    i didnt hear any of the drunk kids making any threats

  • satan's puppy

    this was really bigger then woodstock was i guess.
    stop pretending like you have no regrets parents

  • Freud Loves His Mom

    i certainly see BS. this isnt news and is a waste of peoples time.

  • Dentist 45

    sad thing is this was a little party for these kids.

  • emom

    how mature to posse as someone else , truely do you not beleive you can be tracked for that , wow, Guess we know the mentality of our youth today. Oh guess some still have issues too, dont we now. typical behavior of a few thought gone

  • Buddy

    Repeal the drinking age to 18 as it should be. If this young adults can be responsible enough to pay for college, go off to fight the foreign enemy then they are certainly old enough to drink. If it were 18 then we would have less headlines such as this.

    Many may not remember but at one time the drinking age was 18 and we never had to worry about time like these.

  • bob

    notice how no one sys anything about the weed its because it never killed anyone and it should be legal

  • for ever young

    Everyone who posted here who is well over 21 and have families now, take a minute and remember when you where all 18-21. I don’t know about you but I was going to parties drinking smoking and having a good old time. We all did it and if you say you didn’t well you are either a liar or you missed out on a lot of youthfull growth and experience. My family raised me to make the right choices did I always listen no but who ever does actually listen to there parents “all” the time? It is a phase and they like us will all grow out of this lets party every night like rock stars. Speaking as a parent now I will teach my child to right from wrong as my parents did and hope she makes the right choices in life. Will she drink before she is 21 most likely will I be happy about it no but its all about life experiences. I too grew up in a small town and the police would break up our parties and chase us through the woods but we all watched out for each other. I don’t want to rant on and on so all you “wild” and crazy kids out there be safe and watchout for each other.

  • TiaMaria

    How can you flip off the judge in court.?.. These kids need a good dope slap..WTH

    • idrinksomuchbeer

      get em feeney

      • ipoundbrewsonthereg

        He fliped off the news cameras not the judge are you that stupid to think someone is really that stupid?

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