1 Killed, 1 Hurt After Falling Out Of Tour Bus On Route 2

SHIRLEY (CBS) – A tour bus was on its way back to Gardner, returning from a trip to the Red Hook Brewery in New Hampshire, when two passengers fell out of the bathroom window and onto Route 2 in Shirley on Saturday night.

Thomas Johnson of Gardner was killed while Seth Davis of Winchendon was critically injured.

WBZ-TV’s Paul Burton reports.

State Police Sgt. Matt Murray said a trooper in the area discovered the victims on the highway.

tomjohnson 1 Killed, 1 Hurt After Falling Out Of Tour Bus On Route 2

Tom Johnson was killed in the accident.

“Two men lying in the breakdown lane in this area,” said Sgt. Murray. “He called for additional resources. Nearly simultaneously, a bus driver for Colonial Tours in Boston contacted the state police and reported that someone had fallen out of his bus.”

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Kim Tunnicliffe reports.

Sgt. Murray said alcohol was believed to have been a contributing factor.

“There was some form of altercation, whether it was just a low-level friendly altercation, or it was a full-blown violent altercation, that is something that the investigators are attempting to determine,” said Sgt. Murray.

  • Cathi Runkal-Doherty

    damn!!!!!-seat belts in the bathroom needed here!

  • Lucy

    Alcohol a contributing factor? They were getting back from a brewery tour. Duh.

    Hope the fight was worth the loss of life and critical injury.

    • Danielle

      there was no fight, they were thrown into the bathroom and went through the window as the bus was moving.

  • p2

    Isn’t beer wonderful? It makes people act so mature. Especially when they drink a lot of it.

  • emom

    well now why was there a window BIG ENOUGH for two grown men to go or get thru, was it a full lenght window, and further more what where they doing together that nobody hear them. are the bathrooms even that big on a bus., are they not like that of an airplane,… wow, and drunk as well. glad I do not ever drink and go out , rather be safe that totally stupid. People never learn and when they do its to late.

  • Cynic

    This fighting over who got in the Bathroom first has got to stop….

    • Danielle

      Do you think that is funny?? Really?!? Why don’t you take a second and think about how you’d feel about this comment if it was someone you knew and loved. Use your head!!

      • Matt

        It was funny. No great loss hear, just Darwin at work again.

      • Danielle

        Seeing how you just showed your level of intelligence in your ignorant comment I can see why that would be funny to you. My 10 yr old is more mature then you will ever be and he certainly knows the difference between “hear” & “here” I believe he learned that in the 1st grade. Work on that

      • Danielle

        another Danielle fighting for what’s right ;-) This is just unbelievable what people are posting, I can’t believe the disrespect. I have to stop reading.

      • Danielle

        Danielle don’t let them bother you, you can’t fix nor change ignorant people unfortunately they are everywhere.

      • Petetm

        Hey Matt, no great loss “hear?” Lack of education at work again.

      • Roy

        People like this do not really care about the issue, if it is funny or what. They are trolls looking to elicit the reaction you gave. Please just ignore the trolls instead of feeding them what they thrive on, your outrage and attention.

  • Dan D

    You didnt know Tom. You are not good people. He was a great guy and yes, may have been horsing around, but did NOT deserve this. Grow up.

    • Danielle

      Well said!!

  • 1608


    • danielle

      they got tossed into the bathroom while the bus was moving, the door opens inward, and then thrown up against the emergency window, which somehow opened up and they fell out. It was an accident, there was no fight.

  • Lucy

    Oh please – kids – you must behave on the bus or suffer the consequences.

    Stupidity kills. It’s the ones left behind that suffer.

    Awful. Give me a break – stupid is as stupid does. No excuses. Sit down on the bus. What fight is worth dying over? Any, really?

    • 01440

      Lack of better judgement is what caused this fatality,

      STUPIDITY are those who sit and judge others, and those who comment on subjects they did not witness firsthand!

    • Danielle

      they were sitting down, you don’t know what you are talking about,.. You were not there, nor do you know anything about this situation other than what you just read, which happens to not even be correct information.

  • Lucy

    People die at home too – from accidents. Staying home doesn’t mean that you will be safe from harm.

    Smarts and intelligence are the only things that will improve your chances of success and survival in this life. I wish all well always btw.

  • Lucy

    Did anyone say that this unfortunate man deserved to die? I don’t think so.

    That’s horrible! Did he need to die? Of course not. Should he have died? No but he did.

    Terrible. It’s likely not what anyone thinks either. It rarely is, if ever.

  • 1608

    Thank u Lucy 4 not.
    This still dosen’t tell me how 2 men can fall out of a restroom window of a DAMN bus. Stay off da kool-aid.

  • Lucy

    2 men fighting or horsing around – end up against the window – how strong is a window? Obviously not strong to handle two men likely pressed up against it and in some kind of altercation – playing or not – neither with the sense to stop before it’s too late.

    Very sad. Very stupid. — I just hope others will learn but the ones that need to learn probably won’t. That’s tragic.

    • 1608

      B 4 I go. My grand come first u know. Lucy please think. I’ve not been on a bus n yrs. but if one thing I do know, u can’t play & have 2 ppl fall out of a window that is higher than u

  • 1608

    Thank you J. Love but do think that is true? 2 men falling out of a window maybe neck high. I’ve not been on that kind of bus [inter state] 4 years. So I don’t know how high the window r.

  • Eli

    J. Love,

    I was thinking that exact same thing as I was reading the comments. How could any investigator know that it was an altercation after such a short period of time before all interviews w/ witnesses are complete.

  • igotskillz

    He is free now. The rage in him will leave his spirit soon. He is happier than he could remember. Please do not be harsh with the others. He put a bad fire in a place where we can all change it.

  • rick

    Route 2 in Shirley; you can’t be serious. I am serious and don’t call me Shirley!

  • Lucy

    How tall were these guys? Are the bathrooms that big that they can fit 2 people in there? I have been on a bus in recent years. I have never been in the bathroom on a bus. I don’t understand why 2 men would be in a bathroom together – joking around. — I still maintain that it was the result of stupidity. — Sit down on a bus.

    Somehow they fell through the window – bizarre – they were not behaving like adults – it killed one of them – – terrible – didn’t have to happen – it did – now family and friends have to pick up the pieces. Not good.

    I was thinking – don’t know what the bus bathroom windows look like – obviously big enough to fit 2 grown men through it – weird.

    Sit down on a bus and behave. — fooling around is rude and obnoxious – gets you killed – terrible. They weren’t thinking – clearly. Alcohol was probably the overriding factor but clearly not so bright either – alcohol or not.

    IDK – feel for the family and friends – hope it doesn’t happen again.

  • Lucy

    Were the bus designers supposed to plan for 2 drunk idiots that might be fooling around or fighting that could fall through the window or have a written warning there – fooling around may result in bodily injury or death?

    Some things should be obvious.

    We have crazy warning labels – don’t use hair dryer in shower or while asleep.

    The dead deserve respect as do the families.

    Stupid is as stupid does. We all do stupid things from time to time and usually it doesn’t kill us.

  • Michelle

    U guys r ridiculous! U were not on the bus you do not know what happened! Your comments are disgusting! My heart and thoughts go out to the families involved in this horrible, unfortunate, tragic accident. RIP Tom, and hopes for Seth to not only recover physically but also emotionally from this. Please for the sake of the families of these men keep your mindless nasty comments to yourself!

    • Danielle


      • stacey

        Thank you Michelle!!!!!!!

    • Mary

      Well said Michelle. My sympathy to all the family and friends of Tom Johnson and wishes for a full recovery for Seth Davis.

  • Kate

    Why is there even a window in the bathroom?

    So sad for the families involved.

    • danielle

      it was an emergency window

  • emom

    thats what I said earlier, and how low was this window, really give us a break, most of the bathrooms are desinged for ONE persosn, not 2 ,, what in world and further more WHY> if there was a fight why was the bus moving, next why wasnt someone intervining,l really,, good people dont try to kill other people no matter the reason or how p*ssed they are at someone,, that is just stupid and cruel. good people indeed, like thats never been said ….. No reason to KILL someone or be killed or even fight to PROVE A POINT. sad either way such a huge waste

  • Danielle

    People shouldn’t believe everything they read. There was no fight, this was an accident. I know people that were on the bus and were sitting with this young man when he was thrown into the bathroom and went through the window. He was not pushed, there was no fight, it was just an accident. And you people should show some respect to the people involved.

  • Danielle

    I don’t know where the hell you got your info, but that is absolutely not true. I can’t believe you would even post such a thing.

  • Danielle

    This was an accident, there was no fight, and your comment is disgusting. Show some respect for the dead and those that loved him

  • Danielle

    PLEASE! Show some respect! This was a tragic accident, and even if it wasn’t you should show some respect for the dead and the family of this young man. How would you feel reading these kind of comments on here about someone you loved? I am so disgusted right now that people would actually post such things on here, when they know nothing of this situation other than what they just read in the article. And some of the information isn’t correct anyway. This was an accident, it had nothing to do with the fact that they had been drinking and they were not fighting. I personally know many people that were on this bus, and my heart goes out to them. They had to see these 2 young men fly out a window and see one dead on the ground. Think before you speak, people, have some class and respect!

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