BOSTON (CBS) – Here are the latest snowfall totals from the SKYWARN weather watcher network at Noon Friday:

Fitchburg: 8.1″

New Ipswich, NH: 8.0″

Sandown, NH: 7.1″

Lunenburg: 7.0″

Bedford, NH: 6.8″

Hampstead, NH: 6.6″

Worcester: 6.5″

Leicester: 6.5″

Hubbardston, Mass: 6.5″

Jaffrey, NH: 6.1″

Pepperell: 6.0″

Weare, NH: 5.8″

Shrewsbury: 5.2″

Sudbury, Mass: 5.0″

Nashua, NH: 5.0″

Milford, Mass: 4.5″

Wilmington, Mass: 4.5″

Weare, NH: 4.5″

Nashua, NH: 4.5″

Bedford, Mass: 4.1″

Billerica, Mass: 4.1″

Andover, Mass: 4.0″

Pembroke, Mass: 4.0″

Chesterfield, Mass: 4.0″

Harvard, Mass: 4.0″

Manchester, NH: 4.0″

Lowell, Mass: 3.5″

Tyngsboro, Mass: 3.5″

Lenox, Mass: 3.0″

Leominster: 3.0″

Stow, Mass: 3.0″

Georgetown, Mass: 3.0″

Hudson, Mass: 3.0″

Taunton: 3.0″

Agawam: 2.5″

Boston: 2.0″

Comments (6)
  1. Paul B. says:

    I live right on the border of Hudson and Marlborough. We have at least 5″ of snow. Not sure how someone came up with 3: for Hudson. ???

  2. don says:

    i live next to paul b and he only has 2 inches

  3. Ed says:

    I’m in Lowell, and we definitely got no less than 4″.

  4. Kevin says:

    Wait a minute, this must mean that every single person in a given municipality doesn’t get the exact same snowfall. But I thought precipation fells in chunks perfectly distributed according to town lines?

  5. Hadie Nuff says:

    Answer: We all got less than was forecast!!!!

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