By Bill Shields

FOXBORO (CBS) – The town of Foxboro has seen a dramatic increase in drunk-driving arrests.

The numbers have doubled from last year and police are worried it could get worse.

WBZ-TV’s Bill Shields reports from Foxboro

Officers haven’t yet figured out why the increase has happened.

Some theorize it’s the influx of new restaurants and bars in town, and the new patrons they’re attracting from outside of town.

In response, just last week, a letter from police went out to all 42 liquor license holders in town, warning them not to over-serve.

Meanwhile, patrol officers will remain vigilant and will be keeping a close watch on drivers.

Comments (5)
  1. emom says:

    well what is the problem with so many drunk drivers, lets see,, ads on tv , magazines and all the liquor stores popping up all over town, Oh and lets not forget all the establishments that serve and SELL booze… I mean how many places does a town need to sell and serve booze. really.. explains why a GAS STATION needs to sell liqour. I have been in a few MOBIL stations and they have it in their coolers, WHY they are promoting drunk driving. Its like saying hey come here fill up on some gas, grab a burrito and oh yeah a bottle of beer. what a combo, then there are all the resturants popping up and asking for a liqour license explain to me the need for beer or wine in a sub shop, REALLY so we truely need to see that. then the supermarkets, selling bottles of wine to go with you dinner.. Yup, husbans can go in stop by the floral dept get roses, then to the prepared foods for a nice dinner, then to the bakery for a great dessert then oh yeah to the liqour isle for that bottle of wine,,, REALLY AGAIN then the variety stores, ok wow like this is necessary,, yup Go in for that 2 for 1 hotdog special, bag of chps, giant cookie and then oh yeah a miller lite. again why , whats the need in them places, leave the liqour in the liqour stores and only sit down eat in resturants, Thou I do not like that , since so many can go to a resturant these days and sit at the bar and ear the bar food instead of regular food … wait for that matter, WHATS THE PURPOSE OF GOING OUT TO DRINK THEN LEAVE TO CLIMB IN YOUR CAR AND POTENTIALLY DRIVE INTO SOMEONE,,,,, WHY, PLEASE EXPLAIN THE CONCEPT TO US ,,,,,,,,,,, I CANT UNDERSTAND THE NEED TO DRINK AND DRIVE AT ALL………………………..
    what me drink,,,,ME GO OUT AD HAVE A FEW DRINKS AND THEN DRIVE ,,,,,,really now,,,,,, ARE YOU CRAZY , INSANE, OUT OF YOUR EVER LOVING MINDS,…. NO WAY… I never drink and drive,ever,. have no need and nor do i wish to. have I wanted to sure, but inteligence over takes and says not worth the problems. If I choice to drink its at home where I can easily go to bed if needed, and I only have A DRINK, Have never had the need to drink to oblivion, anoither concept I can not understand, drink to get stupid drunk to act like a big idiot and or do something extremely stupid. Yeah what a way to teach kids about what not to do ,,, dont think its working so much…. Glad I know best.

  2. jerry says:

    Can’t the police identify who sold the liquor to the DUI offenders when they arrest them? It seems to me that information could be useful to better regulate responsible consumption of alcoholic beverages.

    1. Verna says:

      Hate to be negative Jerry, but TRY doing that. We have defense lawyers (way too many if you ask me) that make a living defending these people. That’s why its so difficult to get laws passed in the Commonwealth to protect the victims and the innocent. Police may be able to identify the seller of the booze, but then nothing gets done about it. Slap on the wrist, go home and do it again….

  3. Cynic says:

    Have the Convictions gone up as well as the Arrests? Is it posible that more people are being ACCUSED of Driving Under? What is going on with the FPD that is not obvious?

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