By Holly Ramer, Associated Press

CONCORD, N.H. (AP) — A federal court in New Hampshire has thrown out a Nashua man’s lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the government’s health care overhaul.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Gregg Jensen reports

Eighty-year-old Harold Peterson sued President Barack Obama and Congress last year objecting mainly to the law’s requirement that nearly all Americans carry health insurance.

While similar lawsuits have been filed around the country, the U.S. District Court in Concord says Peterson’s case appears to have been the first brought by a Medicare recipient. It dismissed the case Wednesday, saying he lacks standing to sue because his Medicare coverage automatically satisfies the law’s health insurance mandate.

Peterson said Friday that he disagrees with that reasoning because the law could end up reducing Medicare benefits. He says he’s tired of lawmakers ignoring the Constitution.

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  1. emom says:

    People should talk to those with health plans that cost a lot and give nothing in return. I mean so many seniors suffer because the health plans govern who they see, where they go and what meds they take. They have also had a huge increase in what they pay in premiums , the cost of co pays, and the new deductible they must reach in meds before the plans pay anything. HOW CAN THE POLITICIANS CALL THAT FAIR, really, My mother has to do just this and its not easy on a fixed income, there is hundreds of thousands of seniors on these kinds of plans and have to choice meds or food, why do they have to , why can t they have the same benefits that families have, like being able to choice the doctor, hospital, and which meds they can take. Why make them suffer just because they are older, what are they more expendable than a younger person. Heck we pay top dollar for the Medicaid system and allow birth control, vasectomies, letting them take high end drugs and make the choices they want., sure not all, but I hear so many get just this and it makes me sick to think we allow our seniors to suffer all because they can.
    I want a better health care reform something that truly will benefit all, I have said it before too, that politicians should have the same care as the workers of this state, why should they have privileges and get their health care paid for by the tax payers of this state, at least most of it, why cant they pay the higher premiums and co-pays and not be able to have access to those doctors and facilities that they do now. Maybe they will see what the tax payers of the state suffer with. HEATH CARE REFORM IS NOT REFORM IT’S A RESTRAINT AND MAKING US SICKER WHY MAKE US SUFFER MORE.

  2. Tony Smith says:

    Um — what an idiot. Medicare is a government program. He is only entitled to it because of the government. So, the government can cut benefits if it wants. What a silly argument.

  3. emom says:

    really, medicare is not the only source of their healthcare, its only a part, and it is swindling every year, every senior that has medicare must have a major healtcare plan on top of this, which governs what is covered, however, this is why medicare is a proble, yet so many illegas have or get medicaid which is also another government plan and seems to have evolded into a better plan but only for those that are extremely poor, medicare is dwindling and is giving nothing to the seniors, so making them dependant on another is giving them problems, they talk about medicare overhaul instead they do the opposite, say its ok when its far worse, medicare hardly pays for anything yet they must pay into it for what reason. to fund the government, and the other plans that they are dependant on. You beleive what you believe, but medicare drives the seniors healthcare and they also help desing the plans as well. that is why I stated what I had, have had to deal with it over the years and have seen how it works, I worked for insurance before and knew how it worked watched the changes and how they dictated what was covered and what was not, More will come forward and try again. cause at this point seniors suffer nedlessly and there is no need for that. and someone is getting rich of what every senior pays in premiums both thru major helathplans and medicare, If medicare does not cover much whats the purpose to have it. and why take a premium every month, makes no sense

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