As the Boston Celtics ready themselves to play the Spurs down in San Antonio, CSNNE play-by-play man Mike Gorman, joins Gresh & Zo to talk some C’s. What’s happened with Rajon Rondo lately and was his game in Indianapolis what we should expect from the point guard going forward? Who concerns Gorman the most in the Eastern Conference come playoff time? Also, is the team over the Kendrick Perkins trade yet? That and more with Mike Gorman!

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  1. Thais says:

    okay I know I comment alot but .I was inwchtag Jessica Simpson’s show on VH1, The Price of Beauty i’ve only caught clips. BUT the one i caught was when they went to Paris hello fashion capital. And they met with this lovely model who is almost retired because she is 20!! But she explained that she was chosen for modeling at 13 and how the average age of a Paris model is 16. EVERY single day they get weighed and measured in with a risk of being fired at an increase!! I think this model was the first model I’ve seen that addressed the fact that she eats nothing but leaves is how she translated her minimal and measly salad.And these are the women who are influencing girls/women worldwide. I used to think I could be above the influences, but its imprinted on our brains from the first day we fall in love with barbie basically. and everywhere you turn are all these quick fixes and miracles that will fix all those insecurities. And yea, is from a doctor or a fitness guru, but our society is driven by $$$. It’s manipulative and is affecting girls younger and younger. No longer do you have to be concerned for high school girls but really the focus needs to begin younger and younger. what would a girl look/think like if she was never exposed to magazines and pop culture? maybe overall we’d be a bit healthier as well as accepting of what body we’ve been given. Unfortunately, the world may never know.

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