By Diana Perez, WBZ-TV

BELMONT (CBS) – It happened in broad daylight; a man walked right through the doors of St. Joseph’s Church and took $150 dollars from a desk drawer, money that was supposed to go to families in Haiti.

Church neighbor Soraia Vlatkovic was keeping her doors locked after hearing about the theft. “If they’re willing to walk into a church to steal money they’d be willing to walk into a house to steal money,” said Vlatkovic.

WBZ-TV’s Diana Perez reports from Belmont

Police say he was able to stuff the money in his pocket before someone spotted him and asked him to leave. The church worker didn’t realize he had just stolen money from the church, so in keeping with the catholic tradition of giving, she offered him the opportunity to come back for a meal card if he was hungry.

Now police are looking for the thief and asking anyone with information about him to give them a call.

Lt. Darin Demagistris describes him as a white male in his late 30’s about 5’8” with dirty blonde hair and a mustache.

Tammy Keithley, who works for the church says the theft is forcing them to change their approach with strangers. “Now we’re keeping the door closed and they have to ring the bell,” said Keithley. “It makes you less trustworthy of people walking in and asking for help and we want to be open.”

The church plans to begin another collection for Haiti and keep it under lock and key this time.


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