QUINCY (CBS) – Quincy police divers made a tragic discovery Wednesday afternoon when they recovered the body of a missing Abington man.

Sixty-year-old Stephen Hender disappeared a week ago.

Police began searching Island Grove Park in Abington when they found his car last Friday. Divers returned to the park today, where they recovered Hender’s body.

Officers say Hender suffered from diabetes. They do no suspect foul play.

Comments (3)
  1. lori says:

    Scub unit, police divers…. They mean the same thing. Stop arguing about semantics, a man died.

  2. jaygee says:

    Sad stories such as this can only make you ask how and why.
    A terrible ending for the family and we all feel their pain.

  3. Me says:

    WOW – you are a complete moron

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