ATTLEBORO (CBS) – Police in Attleboro are looking for vandals who apparently overturned more than 50 grave markers at the Old Kirk burial ground, a cemetery with hundreds of years of history.

Located behind the Second Congregational Church which oversees the site, it’s where many of the cities founding families are buried along with veterans of the Revolutionary War.

WBZ-TV’s Beth Germano reports

“They say you can tell the wellness of a community based on the wellness of its graveyards. This does not reflect well on our community,” said Reverend Vernon Wright, pastor of the church.

Markers were pulled from their bases, some were cracked in two, others pulled right from the ground.

The soil was still fresh when caretaker Keith Preising made the discovery Monday morning, leading him to believe the vandals struck just hours before.

“You do one maybe out of anger, but to just continue to fifty? There is someone out there with serious issues,” he said.

It’s difficult to know how the vandals targeted the stones as some were toppled and some were spared. But they clearly hit sections of the cemetery that are not well lit at night.

Connie Uriot who volunteers to place flags on the graves of veterans calls it offensive to disturb such a sacred place buried with people who have given service to their country.

“It’s an atrocity, it really bothers me a lot,” she said.

Trying to repair or replace the damaged stones could be costly for the church which has limited funds to take care of the grounds.

“We’re going to have to bring our church together and think long and hard about it,” said Reverent Wright.

Attleboro police say they’ve interviewed neighbors in the area, and looked for surveillance video on nearby buildings, but so far have no suspects in the crime.

“It would have to have been someone relatively strong to pull these over with some thought and some know-how,” said Reverend Wright.

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  1. emom says:

    why do people have the need to damage private proverty, I mean these do not belong to anyone except the family that is related if any, I wonder if it was kids, would not surprise me, we have seen this many times before. How would any of those kids feel if it was a gravestone of one of their family memebers that got destroyed., Once these culprits have been found , make them clean the cementary for a month, rake, moe , prune, plant, clean what ever it takes, that is how they can repay for the damage they created, and Oh make sure that if it was kids, have their parents bring them to the cementary and then pick them up, they must be some proud of their kids if that is who did it, cruel is what it is .

  2. Denise says:

    this type of thing makes me sick! it’s bad enough that there are hoodlums running around breaking into peoples houses stealing what they’ve worked so very hard to scrimp and save for! But after you’re gone to have someone for “fun” vandalize your final resting place is barbarick! But what should we expect – there is no respect for anyone anymore! Maybe some of these spirits will go haunt some of the little vandels! When weird stuff starts happening to them… maybe they’ll regret what they did – Carma is a b!

  3. cinque says:

    Wouldn’t it be just lovely to see something like this going on when you are driving by with a baseball bat in your car? Anyone who could commit such an act deserves the most severe punishment possible. Now……about that baseball bat.

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