By Bob Weiss, CBS Boston travel contributor

BOSTON (CBS) – With no one really noticing, Delta Air Lines has become the number one revenue producer at Logan Airport for Massport, and the number one international carrier serving Boston and New England.

bobweiss Delta Is Now Logan’s Number 1

Bob Weiss, CBS Boston travel contributor

Last Saturday, Delta began two year-round daily flights to London and seasonal flights to Paris will also begin. It will again have two flights a day to Amsterdam this summer. Year-round non-stop service to Bermuda continues.

Delta sees Logan Airport as a target for growth, as no one airline dominates the market for business travel and that’s where the airlines make their money. Many business people travel on short notice and pay top dollar.

London is the number one foreign destination and Delta is going to compete with American Airlines, British Airways and Virgin Atlantic on the Boston to London route.

Will there be over capacity? Not during the summer months. The market over the winter will give the airlines the answer when traffic slows. And with fuel prices rising, fare sales will be spotty.

For business travelers who can make advance reservations, they should consider booking London right away – as in by March 31.

Delta has a roundtrip sale on Business Class tickets for summer travel to London for $1,198 in each direction, if there are still any seats left at that price. The price for a booking the first week in April is $1,500 for B-Class.

Delta is also adding flights from Logan to U.S. destinations including Kansas City, Norfolk and Pittsburgh.

The most intriguing part of the Delta growth may be taking place in an unmarked hangar near the North exit from Logan The airline leased that facility when it looked like it would start flights to Tokyo this year. Now with the Earthquake and nuclear power plant problems in Japan, this startup could be postponed to 2013.

In addition to Delta, the Massachusetts Port Authority, which runs Logan, has its sights on All Nippon Airways and American to have one airline fly that route to Japan.

For Massport, getting service to Asia is their number one route priority


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