BOSTON (CBS) — It’s not uncommon for Stephen Colbert to use clips of the news during his show “The Colbert Report” on Comedy Central. But what may have surprised many local viewers Monday night was they got to see WBZ’s Paula Ebben on the show.

Colbert was delivering his popular segment, “Tip Of The Hat/Wag Of The Finger” and featured a story from New Hampshire discussing the state’s intentions to lower the cigarette tax.

That’s where he turned to Ebben to tell us more. Viewers saw a clip of Ebben delivering the story two weeks ago, and Colbert added, “Bravo, New Hampshire! They’re not just thinking outside the box. They’re thinking outside the warning on the side of the box.”

Watch the full clip:

Comments (2)
  1. taxedout says:

    Paula looks Good on any station!!!

  2. Denise says:

    First the Stephen Colbert show – next the Royal Wedding… where in the world is Paula going to be next? Paula you might want to give Melissa some tips on how to keep her long necklaces in place… my husband is always amused when she wears them!

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