BROCKTON (CBS) — It turns out that a tutor in Brockton accused of raping an eight-year-old girl did not go through a background check before he was hired.

Kevin Treseler, 21, of Millis, was arrested last week and charged with raping a child. At the time officials say he had gone through a background check.

Since then they have changed that stance saying the district asked for the check, but it was never forwarded to the state.

Treseler was a math tutor at Brockton’s Angelo Elementary School and a junior at Stonehill College. He was tutoring students as part of Stonehill’s work-study program. He has since been suspended from school.

Brockton school officials say they have a procedure in which they check all teachers and tutors who go into the classroom. During that process, they explained, all of the paperwork is filled out and sent to the central office.

In this case, they say, they thought all of that paperwork had been completed.

They add, though, that they do not believe there would have been anything in Treseler’s background check that would have stopped them from using him.

After Treseler’s arrest new background checks were done on all of the district’s tutors.

Comments (5)
  1. Vera Carroll says:

    Are you F-ing kidding me!!!!!! NO background check – totally unacceptable. I hope the parents sue the pants off of the school system.

  2. Stephen Gitmo says:

    They need a background check to see if they are a registered sex offender, but any other minor felonies should be ignored like past DUI or check fraud.

  3. karen s says:

    there’s no such thing as a minor felony, or at least there shouldn’t be. a felony is a felony. this lowlife better hope they put him in protective custody, or justice will be dispensed early & often. hope the parents get a sizeable damages award. more than that, the monetary judgement should separate damages from the school system being responsible for counselling for the victim and her family well after the youngster turns 21. repressed memory, guilt manifesting itself in a number of harmful ways. justice for the victim!

    1. SH says:

      What ever happened to innocent until proven guilty? This case hasn’t even gone to trial and you are all ready calling Treseler a “lowlife” and “perv”? He plead not guilty and I has been said that the teacher and many other children were in the classroom during the alleged assaults. Also, even if there had been a background check, nothing would have pointed to Treseler being a sex offender. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  4. emom says:

    ANd we are suppose to RELY on such info,,, YEAH like the school honestly thought this thru before HIRING this perv,,,,, I would be very angry with the school and I would so hold them responsible and yes the parents should file a lawsuit.. total wrong

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