DENNIS (CBS) – Dozens of disks that were accidentally released from a New Hampshire wastewater treatment have now washed ashore on Cape Cod.

Many of the disks were spotted at Mayflower Beach in Dennis on Sunday.

Officials estimated that 4-8 million disks were accidentally released from the plant earlier this month.

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  1. emom says:

    Here is an example of toxins gaining access into the water ways. A waste water plant ACCIDENTALLY released these disks,. Sure it was an accident. someone was asleep at the board. The potential for people to come in contact with a serious disease is great, YET they say now there is no harm to the human populations or even animals… We may never know if this COULD have harmed us or not. Yet they now say they may reach further than they thought. possibly england. gee, what is the true, again we may never know. and they say the bacteria is washed off the discs, sur eit is and floating in some fish possibly. and then some fisherman will get that fish and then sell it at the market where its sent somewhere and some customer will come in contact with eat and MAY get sick.. but they wont know the true source…. when will our food and drink be safer to consume,. when there is nobody left to experiment on…… experiments do go wrong and this is a bad one

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