BOSTON (CBS) – It’s a hot button issue that’s making waves across the country: public worker benefits.

WBZ’s Jon Keller sat down with Mass. State Rep. Dan Winslow to discuss the issue.

Part 1:

Part 2:

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Comments (7)
  1. emom says:

    I believe this would not be such a huge HOT BUTTON topic, if the folks on beacon hill including the governor, realized just how much it truey affects the working folks that pay the taxes that support these benifits…. I have always had to USE it OR LOOSE IT kind of benifits, I have never seen a pay check higher than $30,000.00 and well must have to live with the benifits that an employer would give me. So many beleive it a wonderful thing sure it is, BUt with so many politicians and those making triple figures a year feel the deserve it even though so many lately have abused their posistions.. SO I say no more benifits that roll over USE IT OR LOOSE IT< stop the bleeding of our tax dollars and start realizing if YOU want this state to regain respect for you START LOOKING AT IT FROM OUR POINT OF VIEW..

  2. marty says:

    emom- if it bothers you so much, go back to school and get educated like the rest of us so you can get a better paying job with better benefits and quit whining!

    1. BostonIrish says:

      Marty-really? That’s what you took from emoms comments? Stop looking down your nose at others and grow up.

  3. ENUFF says:

    Every once in whiie the media highlights the incredible pay and benefits that Massport and MBTA receive,yet nothing changes and this includes the pay and benefits of those in Massport and MBTA not covered by collecttive bargaining agreements.

  4. taxedout says:

    Big numbers in the Millions for state buy backs of sick time and vacations, while the Blind have to go Beg to Beacon Hill for money.

  5. blackbear1 says:

    As a retired Teacher, I recieved a sick day(s) benefit, much like the outgoing head of Massport. However I only recieved a small % of each days pay. This was negotiated contractually in lieu of raises. Even when we got raises, they were 2-3%. Did this MANAGER from Massport recieve 100% of his rate per sick day? Almost seems like that, given the excessive amount. I also contributed generously to my retirement and medical benefits unlike the Wisconsin Teachers. I do support their right to collectively bargain wages and conditions, but they must contribute to retirement and medical. They also seem to be negotiating w/the state rather than the school district.
    marty you owe emom an apology. Very ungentlemanly on your part

  6. Larry Puckhaber says:

    If these people want to cut PUBLIC WORKERS than I have a suggestion. The people who are voting to “UNION BUST” are PUBLIC WORKERS also. THEY WORK FOR THE PEOPLE. Before they can TAKE A RAISE they have to put it on a bollot in November and have the PUBLIC VOTE on their raises. Politicians think they are above the law, because they DO NOT ANSWER TO ANYONE.
    In NEW YORK around 1973 the City was going bankrupt, so they asked the POLICE, FIRE AND SANITATION WORKERS not to take raises for two years. This worked, they signed a contract and it went into effect. The problem with that was that after that contract was signed the POLITICIANS voted themselves a 33-1/3% raise of their own. Where did that save money? POLITICIANS promise things that the PUBLIC want to hear and then do what ever they want, for themselves.

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