BOSTON (CBS) — When former House Speaker Sal DiMasi goes on trial for corruption the taxpayers will be paying the bill. This despite that DiMasi earned a six-figure salary on Beacon Hill and gets a $5,000 a month pension.

Charlie of Weymouth Declared his Curiosity asking: “Why is the public paying for DiMasi’s trial? I’m sure he has assets somewhere.”

Federal prosecutors say DiMasi used his position to steer multi-million dollar contracts in exchange for cash. He was indicted in 2009, and since then his legal team has not been paid. 

Thursday the judge in the case issued a ruling saying, “The court finds that DiMasi is unable to continue to retain counsel privately and that exceptional circumstances justify the appointment of his previously retained counsel.”

WBZ-TV’s Kathy Curran reports.

His team would earn the standard $125 an hour for government-appointed lawyers. If the trial lasts two months the total legal bill could total an estimated $100,000. 

A check of the most recent records with the city of Boston shows Dimasi’s home is assessed at almost $1 million. 

When WBZ-TV’s Kathy Curran went to talk with DiMasi about this, he told her through the speaker at his front door to call his lawyer.

Republican State Rep. Dan Winslow serves on the joint judiciary committee. He says the judge did the right thing. “This guy accused of trying to steal from us. The justice system depends on the fact that we all have a constitutional right to have a lawyer for our trial,” he said.

Lifetime supporter Sal Bartolo says he has no problem with the public picking up DiMasi’s legal tab. “Taxpayers pay for many things they shouldn’t pay for in a lot of other areas, but I think in this particular case he’s deserving.”

Under the judge’s ruling DiMasi will continue to retain his current counsel but his lawyers will be paid the standard government rate of $125 an hour. 

WBZ talked with DiMasi’s attorney Tom Kiley who simply said the judge ruled in favor of their motion, and he had no further comment.

DiMasi’s trial is scheduled to begin April 25.

Comments (8)
  1. Bruce says:

    What a crock of bull!!!!

  2. Jean says:

    Guess it just goes to show you it pays to have friends in high places.

  3. BOB says:

    Just more currupt officals tacking care of each other!!!!!!! Do we see any outrage from other politicions ? No, because they know they maybe next,

  4. bob says:

    Nice way to line his friends pockets. If he cant afford an attorney, noone in the state can afford a lawyer as well.
    Who ever heard of a lawyer who couldn’t afford a lawyer to defend against judges that are hand picked by these same lawyers. Its a good thing these fools are exempt from the same rules as the common taxpayer and voters
    1000 jobs gone to other states cause of the tax burdons these companys have to pay in order to keep these thieving politicians from going to jail. the best out of all this is he will keep his pension and FREE healthcare as well
    My days are numbered living in this state, let the illegals and auntees live for free, politicians crooked lawyers get state money, free exempt healthcare for life for the politicians family can all be paid from someone else.

  5. bob says:

    Who would be stupid enough to pay $500 bucks an hour when you can have the stupid taxpayer (with so say) not only pay $125 for each hour worked (so they say), but, the taxpayer has no way of seeing the fake lawyer bill that taxpayers will have to pay for. I suppose this will be held behind closed doors to prevent imbarresment to the other beacon hill crookes that the untaxed, free riding, job dodging drug using, alcoholics that receive SSDI phonies keep electing into office

  6. REVOLUTION says:

    Stop voting for Democrats, this is what they do.

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