BOSTON (CBS) – The Boston-Montreal rivalry has been taken to new heights since Zdeno Chara checked Max Pacioretty into the turnbuckle March 8th at the Bell Centre.

Players are not the only ones taking shots at each other now-a-days, with the media now going toe to toe. First there was the 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Felger and Mazz vs. The Ric Peterson Show on CJAD in Montreal simulcast, giving new meaning to the term “yahoo-ism” and the phrase “time oot.” The talk back did not end politely to say the least.

Listen: Felger and Mazz Simulcast With CJAD in Montreal

If Michael Felger did not make enough friends north of the border with the simulcast, he now has Pat Hickey of the Montreal Gazette terming him Boston’s “village idiot.”

Read: Mark Recchi: Canadiens “Were Trying To Get Zdeno Chara Suspended”

Hickey caught the Felger and Mazz show Wednesday afternoon as he made the trek from Montreal to Boston, catching Mark Recchi’s call to the show when they discussed Pacioretty’s injury and the possibility the Canadiens “embellished” it, trying to get Chara suspended. This prompted Hickey to take some shots at Villain #2 in Montreal (Chara of course being #1) Thursday morning.

The intro to the segment promised “fact not fiction,” which told me that the guys at 98.5 The Sports Hub don’t understand the concept of sports talk radio. It’s all about opinion. If you don’t have people expressing opinions and debating the news of the day, it makes for boring radio.Of course, all you have to do is listen to Felger, the village idiot of Boston sports radio, to know that he likes to play fast and loose with the facts.

Felger did recognize that everyone hopes there will be no untoward incidents in a game that is important for both teams as they battle for first place in the Northeast Division.

But the one thing I find disappointing is that Felger questioned the severity of Pacioretty’s injury, describing it as an “embellishment,” and he got veteran NHLer Mark Recchi to go along with him.Felger stressed that the Canadiens reported that Pacioretty suffered a “severe concussion and a cracked vertebra,” but that Pacioretty reported two days later that he wasn’t feeling any effects from the concussion.

Did he make a quick recovery? Certainly. Everyone responds differently to hits on the head and there are no guarantees that he won’t feel the effects sometime down the line. To suggest it wasn’t a severe concussion isn’t fact or opinion, it’s pure ignorance.

It will be interesting to hear what Felger has to say come 2 p.m. on 98.5 The Sports Hub. If anything, this will just give him more ammo against the Montreal media.

Listen: Pat Hickey Joins Felger and Mazz

And don’t forget there is also a hockey game to be played.

Tune in to the Felger and Massarotti show on 98.5 The Sports Hub Monday through Friday from 2-6 p.m.

Comments (40)
  1. hubofhockey says:

    This actually maybe one case where the village idiot is right. There is no such thing as a “miraculous recovery” and the Canadiens are the biggest floppers and fakers in sports. I hear they were considering recruiting Paul Pierce to play defense for them.

    1. hockeyfan says:

      Gotta agree that Felger is both correct here AND a village idiot. Seeing that Bergeron couldn’t even open the blinds to his windows because the light was giving him a headache, I find it hard to believe that Pacioretty was able to go to the movies a week later with a severe concussion.

  2. jaygee says:

    Not for anything but people who get paid to talk about sports all day, every day is an incredible waste of time and other people who waste precious time listening to such boring talk are even worse. I just love some of these authorities on different sports who never even made the team.

  3. Bram says:

    Hickey gets it right!

    1. Mike B says:

      Hickey Thinks he’s right but he’s not iv never seen a media guy be so For a local team like Hickey doe’s I would like to see Pat Hickey should be run into the turn Buckle like Pattorietty!!!!

  4. Marc from Manchester says:

    Felger is The Franchise in a big league sports town and the minor league media from Montreal is nothing but jealous. All they have to talk about is one hit with an accidental result that evidently turned out to be not as bad as initially thought. You guys in Montreal need to drop it and move onto something else. Oh, I forgot. You have nothing else except to chirp about one play in one game of a phyiscal sport. Get over it and head right back up 93 to 89 to Smallsville.

    1. MassBass says:

      Felger is an idiot. I think people are confusing what a concussion and Post Concussion syndrome is. A concussion is diagnosed by how long somebody is unconscious after impact. Pacioretty was unconscious for more than 5 minutes after contact. That is classified as a Severe Concussion. He did not suffer any POST CONCUSSION Syndrome. Its not that hard to figure out if you read around.

      1. Tuno Brown says:

        your a looser man r u for real? an idiot you call him? you got issues your not from mass are you?

    2. Marc from Manchester says:

      Scoreboard Baby. 7-0.

      And Felger 1, Habs media ZERO !

  5. Big O says:

    Village idiot, village mayor…Should I keep going? I wish he would just go away and take Maz with him. I have never listened to 2 more miserable people in my life.

    1. Vince Lombardi says:

      Big O: You are in second place in the ratings. I long ago informed the world that consolation games are games played by losers. Taht makes you a loser since you are in 2nd place to Felger THE FRANCHISE as Marc from Manchester has so appropriately annoited him.

  6. Julie says:

    Boston media manipulated Recchi into commenting the way he did … I’m sure he regrets it today. 98.5: good grief MOVE ON. Find another topic. You criticized Montreal for keeping the hit alive, now you’re the ones doing the same thing, while Montreal is focusing on the game. Not one Montreal player has brought up Chara or the hit. The Bruins have lost all but one of the Canadiens matchups this season, talk about the game.

    And wow, so many doctors on this panel, so knowledgeable on brain traumas and vertebrae fractures.

    1. Bill C says:

      What do chicks know about sports? Go find the Oprah website.

      1. Bobby Riggs says:

        Billy C: Right on. I agree.

      2. Moe says:

        Now now boys….play nice or your mom will make you shut off the TV and go to bed early…

  7. frankie says:

    Felger is not the village idiot, he is the grand poobah of village idiots. A whining hysterical, female village idiot.

  8. FlyingsCool says:

    The title of the Hick(ey) article is “Facts don’t matter on Boston Radio”. Not once did Hick(ey) support the title of the article with examples of where Felger stretched the facts. Felger is supported by the facts. 2 days later, Pacioretty was out of the hospital and at the movies. Nobody responds differently to a severe concussion. Period.

  9. jdog71 says:

    I love how Hickey uses the word “disappointing ” as if if Felger should be held up to some standard that Hickey established for sports radio. It signifies everything we hate about Canadiens fans: holier than thou, bloviating, self-entitled, drama queens.

  10. Marc from Manchester says:

    Felger = THE FRANCHISE.

    Fact, not opinion. Check the ratings. Scoreboard Baby.

  11. DaChief-00 says:

    I stopped listening to Felger a loooong time ago. His comments are borderline moronic.

  12. John and Gerry says:

    any husband that publicly puts his own wife in a “marry f**k, kill contest should slapped silly. Felger…I hate your guts and will never listen to you and that little donkey they call Maz

    1. Hugh Hefner says:

      As long as he picked M and F, he is fine.
      The Wood is fine and he is a lucky dude and he knows it. Nothing wrong wiht that. He knows how to get you guys riled up John and Gerry. Are you guys married to each other by the way?

      1. slappy says:

        Hey J and G, do you boyz slap each other for fun?

    2. Slap Happy? says:

      John and Gerry,
      Do you slap each other for fun?

  13. MIKE B says:

    Felger his Our Leader and we will follow him to the end of the Earth!!!!
    Pat Hickey Tony Marinaro Sauce is a joke and they should just stick there heas up there ass….Felger is our leader and we the people will follow!!!!

  14. Pedro says:

    This whole rant about Montreal is the straw that broke the camel’s back for me in terms of listeing to this show. I’ll tune in for T&R in the morning and then switch the radio station.

    Mazz, I’d suggest you consider other career options before you become “idiot by association.”

  15. meterparel says:

    uhh…just chiming in because everyone else from my sad sack station is too.

  16. OnIce108 says:

    Not only Felger refreshing he’s RIGHT! The fans of this town have been yearning for a sportstalk host who is not a lackey of his station. His impact has the station up the dial scrambling to keep up. Felger says out loud many of the things, we as fans, want to hear. Keep up the good work Felger…hockey lives in Boston again!!!

  17. Ryan P Nee says:

    mike felger is the man he knows what he is talkin about and felger and mazz no one in the world can touch them on sports radio no one… yes i am a long time listener to felger. fact not opinion.

  18. Keith says:

    Are u Canadians fans kidding me? U are such flippers and fakers u make international soccer look good. Its sad that u go after one player for a LEGAL hit in one game. Where were u when that little girl pacioretty did almost the same thing except it was a hit into the boards which is ILLEGAL not a legal hit like chara did. Felger was and is right FACT NOT FICTION! And by the way, what do u say when u call 911 for a hit in a hockey game. “911 what’s ur emergency?” “um yea did u see Charas hit on pacioretty? It was so bad please arrest him” are u kidding me? All of u should be arrested for faking emergencies and potentially hurting people who really needed 911 CANADA SUCKS! And Canadian fans are the worest. FELGERS THE MAN! And he works in the 3rd largest market in the US not some college radio station in Americas hat. And to the guy who said concussions are based on how long u were unconscious for… This little girl tried to get up right away then decided against it cuz they (Canadians) have to fake and flop to win games. So he wasn’t unconscious at all! And concussions are caused by ur brain hitting ur skull and bruising ur brain so a sever concussion is defined by sever damage to the brain caused from the brain hitting the skull not being unconscious. Learn ur facts before u open ur stupid Canadian mouth u idiot and u guys say felger is thd idiot. Nope Canadians are u don’t even have the smarts to leave Canada and go to a real country. The Canadians couldn’t beat the bruins playing physical they have to flop and fake to win… Its so sad. U say u love the game of hockey if that’s true u are doing it a great injustice by faking all the time. Try to play physical tonight and see what happens and how much u lose by… CANADA SUCKS… LOSERS!

  19. jj says:

    mike felger is great for boston sports radio

  20. Knock Bruin Boston chefs says:

    We all need to focus on the real canadian team we need to beat for the cup and that is the Canucks in the final. Enough of this herring choking, taking a dive when they feel the wind of a fart team. Let’s look forward to the challenges of the Flyers, Canucks and they many teams who are real contenders.

    Euro hockey vs Smash mouth. The Franchise vs Neck Hickey.

    All you in Montreal keep wishing your team is better than ours.

    We have waited too long for a Stanley Cup in this town.

  21. Bs Fan from MTL says:

    Wow. Reading these comments was brutal. You’ve got people here insulting females, insulting an entire country, displaying such ignorance that I’m ashamed to be a Bs fan today. You sound worse than habs fans, some of you, and that’s hard to do. Thanks.

    1. Sly says:

      Nice cover there Habby.

  22. BruinsGuru says:

    All sheep in here..pretty simple

  23. Moe says:

    Don’t forget the broken vertebrae in his neck! What a miraculous recovery….the tears of Montreal’s children must have healed him…either that, or they EMBELLISHED the injuries. Fact!

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