Pat Hickey from the Montreal Gazette spoke with Felger & Massarotti about the ensuing Boston Bruins and Montreal Canadiens game at TD Garden. Hickey recently wrote an article where he referred to Felger as “the village idiot of Boston sports radio.”

The guys discussed a comment by Mark Recchi where he said that the Canadiens might have embellished Max Pacioretty’s injury to try and get Zdeno Chara suspended. Was Hickey surprised by this comment?

They also discussed Pacioretty’s comments about not feeling that bad the day after the hit. Does Hickey think that Pacioretty will be well enough to play in the playoffs? What about that cracked vertebra?

The guys also talked about the reaction by Monteal Canadiens nation, did they go too far?

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  1. Cha says:

    Felger you’re an idiot !
    You talk so you can hear yourself talk !
    You have no data to support your assertions.

    By the way you should have stood up for your player, Marc Savard, but you didn’t because you don’t care about the health of the player. All you care about is perpetuating your freak show.

    Fighting is one thing, gratuitous violence is another. A beginner like you can’t tell the difference.

    1. HIl says:

      DENVER — For the SECOND time in a week, Boston Bruins center Marc Savard suffered a head injury. Savard, racing former teammate Matt Hunwick down for a puck toward the Colorado Avalanche end boards 3:19 into the second, went flying into the boards head-first when hit by Hunwick.


  2. Bram says:

    Felger doesn’t know what a hockey puck is…

  3. Dave says:

    After listening to this guy, I’m now beginning to understand the reason for Habs dilusion. I agree with recchi and felger; montreal leadership embellished the severity of Pax injury; just listen to Martin’s post-game interview , ie, before NHL was to make a ruling.

    The undersized Habs has used diving as a “skilled” tool. And the Hab fanatics ate it hook, line, sinker.

    Remember, 24 of 30 GMs concurred with NHL ruling.

    This would not be even an issue if it was any other team other than Habs.

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