Legendary Bruins play-by-play announcer Bob Wilson spoke with Felger & Massarotti about the Boston Bruins and Montreal Canadiens rivalry. Is this just a new chapter in the rivalry or has it gone to a whole new level? The guys also discussed the reaction to the hit in Montreal. The Bruins will dedicate their radio booth to Wilson and he filled the guys in on what that means to him.

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  1. cha says:

    To Felger & Mass.

    The Chara-Pacioretty affair is no longer about the hit.

    It’s about the attitudes of some teams, and their fan base. The problem is that they believe dirty hockey is inevitable. It’s not ! By the way, why didn’t Boston create an uproar when their player was maliciously injured ?

    The reason is probably because you think it’s normal, so why decry it ?

    If you guys Felger and Mazz were a bit more sophisticated about the game, you’d would know that hockey without violence results in an even better game.
    And you would be projecting that in your show, rather than playing up the incident to create anomosity between the fan bases.
    There !

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