Fans Reflect On Liz Taylor’s Boston Ties

BOSTON (CBS) – Fans are remembering Hollywood legend Elizabeth Taylor.

The movie icon died Wedesday Morning at a Los Angeles hospital from heart failure.

WBZ-TV’s Jim Armstrong reports

Elizabeth Taylor was an international phenomenon, setting the fame bar higher than most subsequent celebrities would ever reach.

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She was known, adored, and hounded.

Ms. Taylor made a number of memorable trips to Boston. Her ties to the city can’t be overlooked.

The Shubert theatre hasn’t changed much in 30 years, back when Taylor captivated the city on the first night of a new play.

It was 1983, Taylor appeared on stage here in Boston alongside her then ex-husband Richard Burton for the pre-Broadway production of Noel Coward’s “Private Lives.”

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While here, Taylor grew found of some Boston restaurants, among them, Anthony’s Pier 4, where several of her pictures now hang on their walls.

But Taylor’s incredible generosity is most significant. She was the first real AIDS philanthropist.

The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation has given millions to service organizations, including the AIDS Action Committee of Massachusetts.

  • Liz

    Yet another error in reporting. She died TODAY (Wednesday), not yesterday (Tuesday). Please double check your facts.

  • emom

    wait it says wednesday , I dont see tuesday in this article.

  • Anonymous

    This coverage was completely unwarranted and based on opinion of someone who didn’t know what he was talking about. They based the film industry these days, but based on no facts. The coverage on Elizabeth Taylor’s life was beautiful and it was ruined by someone’s ignorant commentary on today’s movie industry. This guy had no idea what he was talking about and ruined a tribute. This coverage was trashy and unwarranted. Also, it came off as extremely condescending and was repulsive.

    • ?????

      This story is about Taylor’s ties to Boston – what are YOU talking about?

  • Italo

    “Taylor became ‘found’ of some Boston restaurants…” You mean, “fond of”? The basic grammar mistakes that ‘BZ’s online stories make don’t reflect well on its station or journalists. Use spelling and grammar check, please! It happens a lot in articles posted on this site. This article showed some of the most unflattering photos of La Liz that are out there. This could’ve been a better-written article about a true legendary person, inside and out, who warranted it.

  • Susan Wacker-Donle

    On the passing of an icon, Elizabeth Taylor: I had the honor and pleasure of working with Elizabeth designing her fragrance packaging for White Diamonds as well as the Fragrant Jewel Collection and Black Pearls. These experiences are some of my most treasured memories and represent some of the highlights of my career. To me, she was always gracious, straight to the point, had an uncanny eye for detail as well as complimentary towards my design work for her fragrance launches, jewelry creations and brand promotions. She will be very much missed.

  • Willow

    I’m flattered that Elizabeth Taylor enjoyed coming to Boston. She is one of those great Hollywood leading ladies that you don’t see much of today. She was beautiful, glamorous and generous. I’m sad that she is no longer with us.

  • dennis o'brien

    She could teach a class in “CLASS” and never have to speak a word.
    She was it personified
    Thank you for your life Elizabeth

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