LYNN (CBS) – Local police are on the hunt for a killer who murdered a man more than 30 years ago.

‘Pepi’ Ferrini was shot in August of 1982 while working at a convenience store in Lynn. He was 66 at the time.

Police said two men robbed him as he was closing up the shop for the night. Then, they killed him.

WBZ-TV’s Ken MacLeod reports.

His family didn’t think the murderer would ever be found. Now, they have hope.

“Just an answer either way if they can’t find anything, that’s the way it is. If they do, maybe they’ll help close everything out, to just get some closure. That’s all I want,” said Tony Ferrini, the victim’s son.

The last tip Lynn Police got in the case was in 1985.

The Ferrini murder is one of roughly 30 cold cases now being reviewed by Lynn’s homicide unit. Captain Mark O’Toole admits most are a time-consuming long-shot, but says the victims and their families deserve another look.


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