Boston Bruins President Cam Neely spoke with Felger & Massarotti about the Matt Cooke suspension and things this B’s team needs to improve on.

The NHL handed Matt Cooke a suspension that would keep him out until the second round of the playoffs. How does Neely feel about him finally being punished?

The guys also discussed some of the areas this Bruins team needs to improve upon such as tightening up defensively on the penalty kill.

The guys asked Neely about the team’s coaching and if coaching is in part to blame for the recent play? Is it foolish to think of a coaching change at this point in the season?

They also discussed the team’s goaltending down the stretch, who will we see between the pipes?

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  1. Joao says:

    I don’t know what everybody sees in Kaberle. He is the issue here. Since he’s been in Boston their play has gone down & the Leafs improved dramatically without him. It has been 2 seasons that Neely and Chiarelli have been after him. I couldn’t see & never saw Kaberle as the good player that eveybody says. I wonder if these people really watch this guy. Unfortunately it will be a really good coach that will lose his job & the 2 monkeys that went out & got him will continue destroying the future of this team. Three (3) young players for an extremely overrated & underachieving player. Sure he looked good in Toronto, but did you see if there were any better players on the Leafs defence.
    I say out with Neely, now!!!!

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